Uprock 2012

21 Oct 2012 | News

The Uprock Summit is a conference for Christians & those who support positive Hip-Hop with workshops in the various elements of the culture, as well as community, ministry & professional development.  Leaders in the various fields will be teaching & sharing with numerous international guests in attendance.

International Guests:

  • Brother E (USA)
  • JustMe (Scribbling Idiots) (USA)
  • B-Girl JK-47 (Canada)
  • Kylot (Germany)
  • Joel (Malaysia)
  • Praying Mantis (UK)

Plus some of Australia's finest Christian MCs, DJs, B-Boys and Graff Writers.

Registration for the conference is $150 but sponsorships for other individuals is at a reduced rate of $100.  Registrations can be made by contacting: uprock@krosswerdz.com or for more details check out the Uprock Summit on facebook.

Uprock:  facebook event | facebook page