Sevin "I'll Wait" album

25 Jan 2016 | Download

Sevin occasionally puts out an R&B album.  We get to hear that not only is he a talented rapper, but a good singer and keyboard player.  He's recently put out "I'll Wait" as a free album.  Sevin explains:

"For a while now I have been trying to use not just one, but all gifts God has given me for the purpose of Glorifying him and helping others see his glory despite what they are facing.  I’ve always been able to tap into a deeper closeness with God through song that is just not the same for me as when I rap.  Because of this, when I am struggling or being attacked, I don’t rap, but rather I sing to God a lot.  Lately I’ve been going through a lot of internal attack and as I talk to others I see that I’m not alone in this.  While I was in prayer a couple weeks ago I felt the spirit say that I need to go buy a keyboard and just spend some time playing a worshiping God.  So I did.  And I ended up writing a bout 6 songs in one day.  I recorded them so I wouldn’t forget them and as I did I felt God tell me to put a whole album together of the songs he was giving me as well as of things he had given me in the past.  Part of my struggle lately has been one of finances and just to establish my faith in this time, God also told me to put the project out for free! lol So here it is… I pray that this album will both encourage you and convict you as it has done for me already."

"Isaiah 40:31 is the theme of this project.  It’s not just about waiting, but about the purpose of what it will produce and the statement that it makes when you do it."

Download the album for free! 

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