RP Tha Chozen 1


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RP Tha Chozen 1 is a San Diego native who prides himself as being the "Illest Rapper Never Known".  RP embodies this title and conveys such in every track the he records.  His passion can be felt in every line and his stories connect with the listener on a level that hiphop of yore used to.  Set on making music with true meaning and portraying art in a manner that does not involve a fabricated image, he has teamed up with SOFOREAL Records, an independent label whos mission is just that.  Now with a team behind him, the stage is set for RP to transform from the illest never known to emerge as the illest EVER known.

"I plan to be the realest with it. If I never get it, at least I lived to win even when the odds were stacked against us"

-RP Tha Chozen #1

Tracks We've Played

The Gump