Tunnel Rats

Tunnel Rats


Tunnel Rats is a West Coast underground hip hop collective founded in 1993 in Whittier, California.  Named after the tunnel rats in the Vietnam war, the mixed-gender, multi-racial collective consists of some seventeen individual members and incorporates four affiliated groups, LPG, Future Shock, Foundation, and New Breed, which have recorded both within Tunnel Rats and independently.  Several members also formed two additional side-projects, Footsoldiers and The Resistance, which recorded one album in 2006 and collaborated with KRS-One.

Tracks We've Played

Experience  (1996)



Tunnel Vision  (2001)

Bow Down

Everybody Else

For The Heads


Line Finish


One's Who Don't


Underground Rise Vol. 1: Sunrise/Sunset  (2003)

Concentrated (w/ Listener, Sev, Dezin8ed)


Doing Life (ft. Drastic)

One Voice (ft. L.A. Symphony)

Real Money

You Don't Want That (ft. Manchild, Krum)

The Tunnel Rats  (2004)

Behind Closed Doors



Planet Dok

True Underground

Night Owls 4  (2008)

We Ran With It (ft. Capture)

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