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Music Submissions

Here's some basic guidelines to help get your music on-air:

Please do this...

  • Introduce yourself and link us to somewhere we can hear your music.
  • A brief pitch is appreciated.
  • Be professional and friendly in your approach.  It's helpful to read it out aloud before sending.  If it sounds stupid or contrived to you, it'll probably sound like that to us.
  • Be compelling and on-point.  At the same time don't puff yourself up to sound like something you're clearly not.
  • Be patient, as we can't guarantee we'll quickly get to every email.

Basic Track Guidelines

  • Audio must be of a good enough production quality for radio airplay.
  • The primary/main artist must be a Christian.  We can still play your track if a contributor isn't.
  • We won't be able to play anything that has coarse language.
  • Email submissions are preferred.
  • Please provide a link to your music instead of attaching the track.
  • Files must be in lossless format (preferably) or 320kbps MP3/M4A.

For more submission tips, check out the advice on Sphere of Hip Hop.

Thank you to everyone who has already sent us their music.

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