Headz Up compilation 2014

Posted in 'News' on 11 June 2014.

A new compilation "Christian Hip Hop 2014" aims to illuminate 2014’s best Christian Hip Hop Gospel emcees worldwide. 

Compiled by Los Angeles based HeadzUpFM.com and leading Hip Hop Christian Deejays.

Features new and veteran artists, including:  Sivion, Jeremiah Dirt, Absent Minded, Big Unc ... and the Krosswerdz crew!

"Belief over Beats" is the Krosswerdz track.  It features Wizdm, Izzy, Mistery, The Profit, The Mighty Jabs & Oakbridge.

You can buy the compilation through iTunes and Koorong.

Tags: Absent Minded Dirt Izzy Krosswerdz Mistery Oakbridge Sivion The Profit Wizdm

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