Krosswerdz 10th Anniversary

Posted in 'News' on 9 May 2016, updated 11 May 2016.

This month is the 10th anniversary of the first Krosswerdz event ever.  Since this is kind of a big deal, we're going to track what's happening this anniversary month.

Once apon a time there was an Australian collection of Christ following hip hop'ers called "In Da Midst".  Under IDM a lot of connections were formed online between Christians who love and live hip-hop.  There was a few barbies, and good times at the IDM tent at the Black Stump Music Festival.  Then it morphed in to what we know now as Krosswerdz.

The first Krosswerdz "Hip Hop Church" service was held in May 2016.

Since it started in Sydney, Krosswerdz over the years has been blessed to develop and build community and friendships all over Australia and around the world.

At the 10th anniversary we're going to celebrate, reminisce and give thanks & praise for God's goodness over the years.  So many people have come over the years and it would be wonderful to see you there.

Definition Radio will most definitely be at the party! 

This month on the radio show we're going through the 10 years of Krosswerdz, playing a selection of the Aussie CHH music of those years.  It's cool seeing how the scene grew!

Then the next 3 shows we're chatting with some of the people who were at the 10th anniversary jam, and have been a part of Krosswerdz for a while.

Happy birthday Krosswerdz!

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