Uprock Compilation 2018

Posted in 'Download' on 2 November 2018.

The soundtrack to the annual Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit.

It's packed full of Aussie artists and some of the Uprock guests from overseas.

On this album is:  The Profit, Kris-Bo, Boombox Titans, Rhymboxx, Stain, Fonke Knkomaads, Izzy n The Profit, River, D.Minor, Percy Page, Malachi, Eskatology, Rage, Oakbridge, Mastermind, Hadez, The Poet, Sundance, and more!

Go grab the free download and enjoy!

Tags: Boombox Titans D.Minor Eskatology Fonke Knomaads Izzy n The Profit Kris-Bo Malachi John Mastermind Oakbridge Stain Sundance The Poet & The Profit The Profit Weather Permitting

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