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16 Feb  Oaks is Jabs-less but determined to still bring you a dope show with TWO new tracks by James Gardin plus a new one from Sean C. Johnson.  We go international without discriminating and back slap the flashback.  A big congratulations to Mr & Mrs Jabs on the new baby.
9 Feb  New song off D4C's latest album, Next Chapter.  A family colaboration by Sivion, with his childrem Andreon Michael and Lucyclubhouse.

Triple-play of singing rappers (or is it rappers who can sing). 🎤

Flashback to two tracks off the 2004 Beatmart "Best of Submissions" mixtape by DJ Morph.
2 Feb  Water themed show, perfect for summer but also very seasonal.
26 Jan  K-man brings out some new songs by Social Club Misfits, Intellect x Griffin, Malachi John, and Japhia Life.  Some not so new favourites by Marksman Lloyd, Shad, and Izzy n The Profit.  And a complete flashback by GRITS, going back 20 years to 1999.

Free download:

Free download:
19 Jan  It’s 2019 and it couldn’t be helped, Oaks & Jabs have returned.  On this show we play some new music from Die-Rek & Rawsrvnt plus plenty of bangers and a quite obscure flashback from the Urban Soldiers 3 compilation.  You don’t wanna miss it.
12 Jan  What are some of the other hottest new songs we played in 2018?  We've checked the stats on streams/views and here they are.
5 Jan  Some of the hottest new songs we played in 2018, part two of two.  Votes tallied from your playlist likes on our website.
29 Dec  Some of the hottest new songs we played in 2018, part one of two.  Votes tallied from your playlist likes on our website.
22 Dec  Merry Christmas from Defintion Radio!  This show we bust out the Christmas hip hop classics, along with playing some new tunes.
15 Dec  It’s those blokes again, Oaks & Jabs play some new music from James & Jon & Jupiter plus some Aussie stuff with a flashback from Grits as they debate the responsibility of the artist to help them hijack outros and even take that to the next level with a pre-written response verse.  Mind blown.
8 Dec  New music by The Poet & The Profit, nobigdyl, Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K, and K. Sparks.  Flashback by the L.A. Symphony.
1 Dec  New music by Sivion, Eskatology, Izzy n The Profit.  Flashback by Odd 1 Out from Perth.

"Darkness" by Sivion

"Get Busy" by Randy Mason (unplugged)
24 Nov  Featuring songs in memory of DJ Efechto (RIP} and time he spent in Australia.

Full 2014 interview with Efechto on the KW10 Podcast:

Official Spotify playlist with tracks Efechto loved, produced or scratched on:
17 Nov  We won!! Oaks & Jabs celebrate Definition Radio winning the 2018 Community Broadcasting Association of Australia award for “Contribution To Australian Music – Radio Program” by playing all Australian Hip Hop.  Featuring new music by the Fonke Knomaads and a flashback by legendary crew the Soul Keepers.
10 Nov  Feature album is "A Short Story About a War" by Shad.  Also the new single by Izzy out of Sydney, which has a video clip you can watch on our YouTube channel.
3 Nov  We play the new single "Concrete Pillow" by Sydney artist D Minor.  New rap by Aaron Cole, who's known more for his singing colaboration with tobyMac.  A new song by Canadian artist Die-Rek, showing what goodness can happen when a producer raps over his own track.  Flashbacks by Lightheaded and Sundance.
27 Oct  Out guest and featured artist is Ozay Moore, who's come from the USA to the Uprock Summit in Sydney.  We talk about longevity as an artist, personal growth and mentoring others in hip-hop.
Guests:  Ozay Moore
20 Oct  Jabs has dragged himself out of bed to team up with Oaks for another episode of bangers and banter.  Feature artist is Ozay Moore (fka Othello) who will be in Australia soon for the Uprock Hip Hop Summit.  Also new music from Randy Mason & Imperial & Kinetik, Oaks & Jabs’ favourite Uprock Compilation tracks and of course a flashback.
13 Oct  New music by The Allergies x Andy Cooper, Trevor McNevan, PEABOD.  Sundance double-play.  Flashback by Lojique.
6 Oct  Hear about the coming Uprock Hip Hop Summit from our guest Mistery.  New music by Griffin, and Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K.  A double-play of Listener.
Guests:  Mistery
29 Sep  New tracks by Andy Mineo, ALERT312, Rich ColĂłn.  We also play some bangers from Australia, and a few by artists who are performing at Flavor Fest 2018 in Florida, USA
22 Sep  We're showing luv, and giving thanks in this playlist
15 Sep  Oaks & Jabs are back with the bangers.  Feature album is “Urban Revival” by That Brotha Lokey plus new music by Jon Corbin, James Gardin, Imperial & Sundance.  There’s even a bootleg exclusive recorded by Oaks himself plus a triple-play for the flashback challenge.  Get into it.
8 Sep  We hear from Licy Be about her brand new song.  Music from WA to Qld through to Vic and overseas.  K-man shares an Australian flashback and news about Definition.
Guests:  Licy Be
1 Sep  Featuring artists who've collaborated with an artist who's coming to Australia for Uprock
25 Aug  Featuring the new "Sons of Intellect" album by KJ-52 and Goldinchild.  New music by James Gardin, and a SOI flashback.
18 Aug  New music by NF, Derek Minor, Ruslan, Jon Corbin, and Jeremiah Bonds.  K-man takes a new angle on the Flashback Challenge.
11 Aug  Lots of random statements, strange stories, wisecracking jokes, some bangin’ tracks and a premium flashback.  That’s Oaks & Jabs on Definition Radio.  Back once again the boys get into it for another episode.  It’s a bit of a Wiz fest but hey we’re ok with that.
4 Aug  New music by Newselph, Big Sam, BRM, and a flashback by the Tunnel Rats
28 Jul  New music by Shad, No Malice, Tae Lamar, and Czar Josh
21 Jul  Oaks & Jabs ask the question, could it be? The best…. Definition…. Ever??  Probably not but there’s plenty of new music from around the world, plenty of banter, plenty of tracks by producers and a killer flashback.  Do enjoy.
14 Jul  New music by Jon Corbin, Supaman ... and highlighting a few Aussie indigenous artists in the mix
7 Jul  New music by Izzy, Sevin, Propaganda, Stephen the Levite, J. Crum, Armond Wakeup...
30 Jun  New Lecrea x Zaytoven, Nomis, Ty Brasel, and a L.A. Symphony flashback
23 Jun  Jabs is back safe and sound teaming up with Oaks once again to bring the goodness.  Featured album is “Mind Over Matter” by Sareem Poems & Ess Be plus some other new tracks (including a universe wide exclusive), a couple of extra bangers, a “sort of” flashback from Phanatik and an abundance of shout outs.  Check it.
16 Jun  K-man selects 3 tracks off Wiz's latest album.  New music by Jon Corbin.
9 Jun  Oaks & Jabs minus the Jabs equals Oaks as your host.  More beats & rappin and less yappin’.  Brand new track from Wiz fka Wizdm and an OG flashback from Oaks’ first gospel hip-hop purchase.
2 Jun  New music by Bizzle, Canon, nobigdyl, WHATUPRG... a Tunnel Rats flashback and double play
26 May  Playing new music by Braille, Ozay Moore, Shadow of the Locust, Guvna B, Re:flex the Architech ... beautiful one day, perfect the next
19 May  Playing a few off Jackie Hill Perry's latest album, and new Bizzle, nobigdyl, Chrisjay, and 2.0.
12 May  Oaks & Jabs are back with a super deep yet pleasantly lighthearted show.  Some serious topics, serious beats and serious fake beef squashing.
5 May  Two new songs by Andy Mineo, and a flashback by Aussie crew Storm Troop.
28 Apr  Playing some of the pioneers of CHH
21 Apr  K-man responds to Oaks ... and plays some tracks
14 Apr  Oaks & Jabs!
7 Apr  Playing new music by D4C, KJ-52, and J. Crum
31 Mar  Good Friday, Easter, and beyond...
24 Mar  New music by GRITS, Shelly.H, Manafest, K. Sparks, Paradox, and a pile of flashback tracks.
17 Mar  New music by Sareem Poems, Social Club Misfits, Ruslan, Swoope...
10 Mar  Oaks & Jabs, with new music by Canon, Shelly.H, Sean C. Johnson, Ozay Moore, Armond Wakeup
3 Mar  New music by KJ-52, Armond Wakeup, and retro-new by Vee & Josh
24 Feb  Interview with Licy Be from the Gold Coast
Guests:  Licy Be
17 Feb  K-man playing new Lightheaded, Dre Murray, Social Club Misfits, Joshua Luke Smith, ASAP Preach...
10 Feb  Oaks and Jabs, hosting the show and hijacking your outros!
3 Feb  New music by Genesiz, NF, Altty, Ozay Moore, Imperial, James Gardin, B Cooper, Justus...
27 Jan  Summer jams, to party or chill to.
20 Jan  Hot flashbacks summer show.
13 Jan  Hottest new songs played on Definition in 2017 ... part 3
6 Jan  Hottest new songs played on Definition in 2017 ... part 2
30 Dec  Hottest new songs played on Definition in 2017 ... part 1
23 Dec  Christmas present to you hosted by Oaks & Jabs, a preview of the Uprock 2017 compilation.
16 Dec  Last batch of new music for 2017, with a dash of Christmas.
9 Dec  Our guest is Sivion of Deepspace5, chatting about his new albums and his time in Australia.
Guests:  Sivion
1 Dec  Sci-fi, comic book movies, and video games themed show!
25 Nov  New music off the Uprock 2017 compilation, Datin, Fonke Knowmaads, KB, Re:flex the Architect, InderPaul Sandhu, Swinn Da Example
18 Nov  Marksman Lloyd is our guest.  We chat about his latest album "Portals" and play a few of his requests and his older songs.
Guests:  Marksman Lloyd
11 Nov  Revisiting the show where we showcased female emcees.
4 Nov  Deepspace5, SuNWhoa Love, Fortune, Midcentury Modern, Dee Black, Izzy, Luke Geraty
28 Oct  "Up" songs for the Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit
21 Oct  Licy Be shares about "One Life".  New music by James Gardin, NF, Jesus Peace, K. Sparks...
14 Oct  Beautiful Eulogy, Sivion, Paul Hernandez, Genesiz, Eskatology, Luke Geraty...
7 Oct  New music by Krum, BRB, Fonke Knomaads, Sivion, Paradox & Imperial
30 Sep  New music by KB, Altty, MP Ancient, Krum, Dillon Chase, Torey D'Shaun
23 Sep  Lecrae, Sivion, Sho Baraka, Charles Goose, Sundance...
16 Sep  NF, Izzy, Cas Metah remixed by Wizdm, No Malice, Imperial, The Allergies, J Han...
9 Sep  HOG MOB Church in the Jungle, Izzy, Marksman Lloyd, news on Humble Beast
2 Sep  New music and news.
26 Aug  New music by Izzy, Marksman Lloyd, Sareem Poems, Phil The Voice, ReFlex the Architect...
19 Aug  One to Sixteen.
12 Aug  Female emcees dominate this show's playlist!
5 Aug  Celebrating a year of good heart health ... or as it's said YOU CAN'T STOP ME! :)
29 Jul  New songs by ZERO, Andy Mineo, Thi'sl, and S.O.  A few songs about unity.
22 Jul  Talking with Jabs of the Bay Side Wreckers about their new EP.
Guests:  Jabs
15 Jul  New music by Sareem Poems, Krum, Deraj, LSTNFND
8 Jul  Izzy hosts the show, playing indigenous hip hop for NAIDOC week.
1 Jul  New music by Bay Side Wreckers, Propaganda, Sareem Poems, James Gardin and Jabee.
24 Jun  "Hip Hop and Holiness" is a new short film about Mistery.  We talk with him about it and what's happening in Krosswerdz overseas.
Guests:  Mistery
17 Jun  Featuring the new Krosswerdz Recordings compilation while getting the scoop from Oakbridge on what the label is releasing.
Guests:  Oakbridge
10 Jun  Playing just what you've all voted for.
3 Jun  Featuring some new songs from long standing artists GRTIS, John Reuben, KJ-52 and more...
27 May  Guests:  Phil the Voice
20 May  New JGivens x Christon Gray, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee, a Braille flashback
13 May  Live jazz hip-hop, new music, flashbacks, and news on Izzy's debut solo album.
6 May  "Reality Check" by Eskatology is the feature album.
29 Apr  Going for a bit of loose theme in this show.
22 Apr  New Tee-Wyla, MidCentury Modern, Universafly and Tunnel Rats.
15 Apr  Good Friday and Easter Hip Hop
8 Apr  Licy Be, Trip Lee, Bizzle... and an L.A. Symphony flashback.
1 Apr  New music by Izzy, Jon Corbin, D4C... and a Boogiemonsters flashback.
25 Mar   
18 Mar  The 1WAY FM Definition local crew jump on the national show!
11 Mar  Happy 20 years Sphere of Hip Hop!
4 Mar  Lecrae, Cash Hollistah, Sintax.the.Terrific, and french song!
25 Feb  Grammys x3, Shadow of the Locust, Nameless, Krum...
18 Feb  Radio world premier of Genesiz's new song with Daz Dillinger.
11 Feb  BRB shares about his verse on Freedom.  New Lecrae.
4 Feb  New Krum, Beleaf, D4C, nobigdyl, Eskatology, Social Club...
28 Jan  Summer.
21 Jan  New ones from last year that nearly slipped under the radar.
14 Jan  Part two of the hottest new tracks on Definition in 2016.
7 Jan  Part one of the hottest new tracks on Definition in 2016.
31 Dec  Looking back at 2016.
Guests:  Masta D, Mistery
24 Dec  Join us for a Christmas show with raps and spoken word from Australia to the world.
Guests:  The Krosswerdz Family!
17 Dec  Oaks & Jabs host the show!
10 Dec  Ruslan, S.O, The Praying Mantis, Marksman Lloyd, Chris Sandoe...
3 Dec  MMAD, Derek Minor, Dsipl, Midcentury Modern...
26 Nov  Feature album is "Name Dropping" by Sebastian Hochstein.
19 Nov  New Andy Cooper, Marksman Lloyd, Sho Baraka, Cas Metah, Isatta Sherrif, K Sparks
12 Nov  Uprock after party!
Guests:  BRB
5 Nov  Flavor Fest and Doves.
Guests:  BRB
29 Oct  Feature album is "The Narrative" by Sho Baraka.
22 Oct  Turning the musical clock back to 2006, in further celebration of 10 years of Definition.
15 Oct  Sho Baraka, Izzy n The Profit, Dee-1, Heatflow, Cas Metah, Datin...
8 Oct  Lecrae & Leon Bridges, Eternia, Alex Faith, Nameless...
1 Oct  Three new songs by artists who have been a little quiet in the last 5 years.
24 Sep  K-man's back home from hospital.  Giving thanks and celebrating!
17 Sep  Oakbridge hosts the show again, with a bit of news on K-man.
10 Sep  BRB & K-man are back! Review of a DJ scratch app.
3 Sep  Oakbridge hosts a "heart" themed show for K-man's heart surgery.
27 Aug  Soulseize remixes and more of that good hip hop.
20 Aug  K-man returns to do a show with BRB from the hospital.
13 Aug  Oakbridge and BRB holding the show down for the K-man.
6 Aug  BRB and Oakbridge host the show ... but where's K-man!
30 Jul  Reunited with an original Definition co-host, and asked him about life as an overseas missionary.
Guests:  Matt aka Big-M
23 Jul  K-man and the BRB re-unite to celebrate 10 years of Definition.
16 Jul  Split themed show.
Guests:  Izzy
9 Jul  NAIDOC Week special with guest host Izzy.
2 Jul  Oakbridge gives us a Krosswerdz Update.
Guests:  Oakbridge
25 Jun  New music by Swift and Jeremiah Bonds.  K-man shares his Krosswerdz defining moments.
18 Jun  The last of our Krosswerdz 10th anniversary chats.
Guests:  Beatroot, Masta D, Mistery
11 Jun  Chatting with more people at the Krosswerdz 10th anniversary.
Guests:  Izzy, Jabs, Jesta
4 Jun  Chatting with people at the Krosswerdz 10th anniversary.
Guests:  Genesiz, The Guard, Oakbridge
28 May  Aussie CHH from 2012 to 2016.  Happy 10th birthday Krosswerdz!
21 May  Krosswerdz related songs from 2009-2011. New music by Krum and Andy Mineo.
14 May  Krosswerdz related songs from 2006-2008.  New music by Dee-1 and the Scribbling Idiots.
7 May  Krum, NF, Rel McCoy, Scribbling Idiots, Arrested Development, Licy Be, Jon Corbin...
30 Apr  Eshon Burgundy, Mistery & Werd, Bizzle, J Han, Joey The Jerk, BRB...
23 Apr  Featuring Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K "Adventures in Technicolour" and a new Lecrae track.
16 Apr  New Sevin, Sean C Johnson, Taelor Gray, and an award winner!
9 Apr  Featuring Wizdm who's celebrating a milestone this week!
2 Apr  New music by NF, BRB, Thi'sl, Christon Gray, Paradox, Cataphant, Microphone Gorillas...
26 Mar  Easter Hip Hop!
19 Mar  Our guest is Monkish Manners!
Guests:  Monkish Manners
12 Mar  Genesiz, Dream Junkies, Apollo Creed, Scribbling Idiots, Eskatology, Krum...
5 Mar  Altty & L Fire, Tor Cesay, Lecrae, K. Sparks, J. Rhodan...
27 Feb  New music by Andy Cooper, Andy Mineo, Datin, Vursatyl...
20 Feb  Feature album by Arrested Development.
13 Feb  Shelly.H takes us through his Geographic Tongue 3B.
Guests:  Shelly.H
6 Feb  Feature artist is Australian emcee Witness.
30 Jan  Discussing hip-pop and "Church Clothes 3" is the feature album.
Guests:  Mike and Aaron
23 Jan  All Australian special.
16 Jan  More great tracks of 2015, and folk-rapper Jordan River.
Guests:  Jordan River
9 Jan  15 more of the best new tracks we've played in 2015.
2 Jan  15 of the best new tracks we've played in 2015.
26 Dec  Tune in for 100% Christmas hip-hop.
19 Dec  Izzy talks about his new single and upcoming music.
Guests:  Izzy
12 Dec  K-man chats with DJ Paine of the former Mustard Records label, and plays some of the artists.
Guests:  DJ Paine
5 Dec  New music from Melbourne, Perth and the United States.  K-man spits some #PopeBars!
28 Nov  Guests:  Izzy
21 Nov  Chatting with people at the Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit 2015 in Sydney.
Guests:  The Guard, Micah, Monkish Manners, J Freak, Lord Fader, Sybe, Nfors
14 Nov  Songs about influences people have on each other, and some tracks that just sound cool.
7 Nov  Celebrating a full year of national radio.  Interview highlights, and a fresh interview with Sivion.
Guests:  Wizdm, BRB, DISCIPLE, Relic, Mistery, Oakbridge, Sivion
31 Oct  Rapzilla's top 10 Christian rappers of all time, plus some of our Aussies.
24 Oct   
17 Oct  Dove Award wins, and a what makes a good track?
10 Oct  Percy chats with D4C from the Gold Coast.
Guests:  D4C
3 Oct  Feature album is Aussie Ausbourne, a collaboration between Cas Metah (USA) and Krosswerdz Australia.
26 Sep  Percy chats with D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E. from Sydney.
Guests:  D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E.
19 Sep  New music from MMAD, Andy Mineo, Dru Bex... and a tribute track to Praverb. #BreakingRadioRules
12 Sep  Percy chats with SC11 from the Gold Coast.
Guests:  SC11
5 Sep  Thi'sl, Marksman Lloyd, Deepspace5, Phenomena, Scribbling Idiots... and a Then-n-Now on Sareem Poems.
29 Aug  New music by Cas Metah, Tony Tillman, Drew Smith, and a Then-n-Now on Joey the Jerk.
22 Aug  Dove Award nominees and a World Champion Rapper.
15 Aug  New music by Andy Mineo, Cas Metah, Theory Hazit, MotionPlus, Social Club, J. Han, Decipha
8 Aug  #SpeakLife
1 Aug  Humble Beast is this week's feature label.  Plus some good Aussie tracks.
Guests:  Braille (in 2010)
25 Jul  Talking about our Krosswerdz trip to Malaysia!!!
18 Jul  Our Then-n-Now this week is another fellow traveller to Malaysia, and Aus Hip Hop veteran, Mistery.
11 Jul  We're over in Malaysia, so doing the Then-n-Now on fellow traveller Izzy.
4 Jul  Australia to Malaysia to the world... New MC Jin, The Profit...  Then-n-Now on BRB.
27 Jun  New Eshon Burgundy, nobigdyl.  A mad Aussie cypher.  Then-n-Now on Sevin.
20 Jun  New Izzy, Heath McNease, Paradox, and an artist from Tasmania!
13 Jun  Andy Mineo, Marksman Lloyd, Brethren, Shai Linne, Vursatyl, Genesiz...
6 Jun  L.A. Symphony, The Profit, John Reuben, Broadkast, Lecrae, Nfors...
30 May  New Sevin & Illuminate, Derek Minor, and a happy 9th birthday to Krosswerdz!
23 May  BRB interviewed about his track New Kinda Human.  New music by Andy Mineo, JGivens, Sareem Poems & Ozay Moore.
Guests:  BRB
16 May  New music from Marksman Lloyd, Trip Lee and Taelor Gray.  A sneak peak at our D4C interview.
9 May  New tracks by JustMe, BRB, Gemstones, The Profit, Gemstones.
2 May  Playlist picked by our guest Jordan River of Weather Permitting
Guests:  Jordan River
25 Apr  The new song by BRB.  Great music by Lecrae, Boogiemonsters, Wizdm, Relic, MC Jin...
18 Apr  New music by GemStones, KB, Marksman Lloyd, Serene, Dylan Joel...
11 Apr  Guests:  Apollo Creed
4 Apr  Hip hop tunes for Easter
28 Mar  NF, Mistery, Lecrae, Shames Worthy, Sho Baraka, and a "Then & Now" on Braille's groups.
21 Mar  Theory Hazit, The Battery, Izzy n The Profit, L.A. Symphony... a "Then & Now" on Brethren.
14 Mar  Imperial, The Profit, Procussions, Marksman Lloyd... a "Then & Now" on Propaganda.
7 Mar  Theory Hazit, BRB, Playdough, Shelly.H... and a "Then & Now" on The Battery.
28 Feb  Music from Apollo Creed, Thi'sl, Fortune, Andy Mineo... with new songs from Lecrae, Eshon Burgundy.
21 Feb  Playdough, Aloe Blacc, 116, Mistery, Scribbling Idiots, Marksman Lloyd, Jin...
14 Feb  Love is the revolution!
7 Feb  Vee & Josh's new song.  Folk-rap from Weather Permitting, live rap with Playdough, alternative, pop...
31 Jan   
24 Jan  All Australian.
17 Jan  Video games, sci-fi and super heroes rap
10 Jan  Some more of the best new songs of 2014 on Definition.
3 Jan  Some of the best new songs of 2014 on Definition.
25 Dec  Christmas time special.  We hope and pray you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!
20 Dec  Requests, and new/old music from Trip Lee, L.A. Symphony ... and the "Say I Won't" challenge.
13 Dec  New tracks from L.A. Symphony, Gemstones, Derek Minor, Genesiz... and a classic from Arrested Development.
6 Dec  A new world record in rap.  New music by Shad, Izzy, Jackie Hill Perry, Nfors...
29 Nov  Marksman Lloyd, S.O., Derek Minor, Oakbridge, Stephen the Levite, Playdough...
22 Nov  Feature album is the Uprock 2014 Compilation
15 Nov  Behind the name Relic, and why he's not been doing shows at Christian gigs for years until now.
Guests:  Relic
8 Nov  *** Our first show on the Community Radio Network ***
Guests:  Mike of Audiosyncracies
1 Nov  Our last local show before going national.  Listen in for a few tracks by Relic, and the all ACT artists set!
25 Oct  Got that new KJ-52, MC Jin, Genesiz, Bizzle, and Marksman Lloyd!
19 Oct  Rezadent's performance at Krosswerdz Canberra
Guests:  Rezadent, Mistery
11 Oct  Live performances and interviews at the last Krosswerdz Canberra for the year.
Guests:  D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E, Mistery, Rezadent, Izzy n The Profit, Chilz
4 Oct  Rezadent, Relic, Hazakim, MC Jin... and throwback tracks from Grits and Soulkeepers.
27 Sep   
20 Sep  Playing two crews that influenced Lecrae, and the crew that started Holy Hip Hop.
We're also featuring Praverb the Wyse who passed away this week.
13 Sep  New Marksman Lloyd, Playdough, Canon. Half-hour set of remixes put together by DJ Aslan - "The Mixing Process Pt.1"
6 Sep  Feature album KWRemixed by Sounds Like Dsipl
30 Aug  New D4C, and dope music by BRB, Lecrae, Justasifi'd, Playdough, Bizzle...
23 Aug  New music from Genesiz, Thi'sl, NF, Foreknown...
16 Aug  A show of thanksgiving for 1WAY FM's post-appeal week of thanksgiving.
9 Aug  You can make a difference!  It the theme of 1WAY FM's annual appeal and this week's show.  Please donate.
Guests:  Chair-man, Lys
2 Aug  Krosswerdz Sydney fellas tell about their trip to Project Hip Hope Malaysia.
Guests:  Oakbridge, TeOp, and The Guard!
26 Jul  Interviewing BRB about his 3B, video, and what's next!
19 Jul  New music by BRB, Lecrae and Imperial.  Classics from 4th Avenue Jones, LA Symphony, LPG..
12 Jul  BRB, B Cooper, LMNO, Social Club, Tony Tillman...
5 Jul  New Lecrae, Phanatik, S.O. and a stack of Wizdm!
28 Jun  Everyone who posted on our facebook page during the show, won a signed Justasifi'd CD!!!
21 Jun  Win the new album "Apostrophis'd" by Justasifi'd.  Details how to win are on
14 Jun  Broadcasting live from the Justasifi'd album launch!
Guests:  Justasifi'd, Downforce Crew, and more...
7 Jun  Electro hip hop
31 May  Celebrating 8 years of Krosswerdz!
24 May  Video games, sci-fi and comic books!
17 May  Coming to you this week from the Gold Coast!
10 May  Marksman Lloyd, Chad Jones, Heath McNease, JGivens, Social Club, Propaganda...
3 May  DJ Maj exclusive interview.
Guests:  DJ Maj
26 Apr  New music, and a live recording of Shelly.H at Krosswerdz Canberra.
Guests:  Shelly.H, Mr Broccoli
19 Apr  Easter hip-hop special
12 Apr   
5 Apr  Shelly.H, Easterfest acts, Messianic Jews, dope tracks!
29 Mar  Recap of March's Krosswerdz Canberra.  New music from Playdough, Sounds Like Dsipl, Freestyle Fam, Griffin...
22 Mar  Live broadcast from Krosswerdz Canberra at The Loft.  Performances by D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E, Izzy, The Guard & Juxta.
15 Mar  Tracks off "Invitation Only" by Scribbling Idiots.  Featuring also is artist Genesiz.
8 Mar  Half of this show features artists from the Canberra region.  Happy Canberra Day! 
1 Mar  116, Cash Hollistah, L Fire, Sivion, Widzm...
22 Feb  Live outside broadcast from a nacho party!
Guests:  Downforce Crew, Justasifi'd, Mr Broccoli
15 Feb  BRB chats with USA rapper/singer/b'boy Shonlock.
Guests:  Shonlock
8 Feb  Hip hop from around the world!
1 Feb  New music from Playdough, Bizzle, Ohmega Watts, Redeemed Thought, Ozay Moore...  and a Andy Mineo remix
25 Jan  Aussie music special
18 Jan  New tracks from Andy Mineo, Sareem Poems, Imperial, Justasifi'd, Sicily & KJ-52.
11 Jan  Rewind the show back to 2004
4 Jan  Some more of the best tracks from 2013.
28 Dec  The top 15 tracks played and voted for in 2013.
21 Dec  Christmas hip-hop music!
14 Dec  Hip hop flash mob in Parliament House.  Izzy n The Profit guide us through some tracks on "Pulling Strings".
Guests:  Izzy n The Proft, Matthew of the Street University
7 Dec  Guests:  Lecrae
30 Nov   
23 Nov  Guests:  Cas Metah of the Scribbling Idiots
16 Nov  Featuring the Uprock 2013 compilation and Lecrae's "Church Clothes 2" releases.
9 Nov  Uprock Summit is on this weekend, so we're playing some of the performers.
2 Nov  Broadcasting live from Krosswerdz Canberra at The Loft for 2 hours!
Guests:  Cas Metah, Will Small, Jordan River
26 Oct  Cas Metah has arrived in Australia, so we've some SI on the playlist.  Also some Tunnel Rats, Derek Minor, Ohmega Watts, Broadkast...
19 Oct  New music from Shad, Sivion and Manic X.
12 Oct  New music - Mistery, DJ Maj, Derek Minor, Izzy n The Profit, Alex Faith...
5 Oct  First show in the 8pm time-slot.  We're now on before the jazz show, so for this week we get a little jazzy.
25 Sep  Our final Wednesday night show (we're moving to Saturdays).  BRB on the decks!
18 Sep   
11 Sep  Highlights from when Regime (from NYC) came in earlier this week.
4 Sep  Outside broadcast at Charnwood Christian Life Centre's weekly men's group meet-up.
Guests:  CCLC's Band of Brothers
28 Aug  Lecrae, Braille, The Winnie Coopers... Lots of Izzy n The Profit (album launch this Friday!) And something off's "Stop the Traffic" album, which is raising money to fight human trafficking.
21 Aug  new Andy Mineo, JGivens, Genesiz, Othello, Jahaziel, Young Chozen
14 Aug  Music including Mr G Reality and Minister RMB, who have started touring Australia.  We also chat with our photographer friend.
Guests:  David Beach the photographer
7 Aug  It's 1WAY FM's annual appeal ... you can donate at
31 Jul  Krosswerdz Canberra artists and more...  Scarecrow, Justasifi'd, The Guard, Izzy, Mistery.  (and some new Shad)
24 Jul  new Ohmega Watts, The Ambassador, Sevin, RationaL, Krosswerdz Central Coast, Scribbling Idiots...
17 Jul  State Of Origin 3 at CCLC
Guests:  Ben, Al ... Band Of Brothers!
10 Jul   
3 Jul  Our guest from New York is Army.  New music from The Battery, Dre Murray and Lavoisier.
Guests:  Army of Regime
26 Jun   
19 Jun   
12 Jun   
6 Jun  Live outside broadcast at the State of Origin on the big screen at the Charnwood Christian Life Centre.
29 May  new Army, Lavoiser, Nfors, the Def 90s track and your requests.
22 May  new Re:flex the Architect, Lecrae, The Runaway, Tim Turner, Whosoever South ... and a track from 1991
15 May   
8 May   
1 May  Live DJ'ing by BRB on the webcam -
24 Apr  BRB hosting and reminding you about Krosswerdz Canberra this Saturday!
17 Apr  Hosted tonight by BRB, with Steve Destruction on the decks.
Guests:  Steve Destruction
10 Apr  Going to play some jams, then tracks from the Top 10 albums on
3 Apr  New Andy Mineo, Scribbling Idiots, D4C, Beautiful Eulogy...
27 Mar  Easter themed.
20 Mar  Guests:  JustMe of the Scribbling Idiots
13 Mar   
6 Mar   
27 Feb  Out from the Elements Church in the boogie-down Bronx, we've got Brother E on the show!
Guests:  Brother E
20 Feb  new music ... Playdough, The Procussions, Ruslan, Apollo Creed
13 Feb  Krosswerdz Canberra on this weekend!  Played a few Grammy nominees and winners.
6 Feb  Playing hip-hop and reggae!  Talking about Companion House.
Guests:  Veille from Companion House
30 Jan  We interview Sevin (HOG MOB) from California!
Guests:  Sevin
23 Jan   
16 Jan   
9 Jan   
2 Jan  Holidaying, so we let Gary G. pick the playlist.
26 Dec  Boxing Day Christmas special!
Guests:  JoJo Rock (interviewed by The Profit)
19 Dec   
12 Dec  live DJ'ing from a "secret" location ... and a competition, win double passes to "Koorong at Dusk"
Guests:  Steve Destruction
5 Dec  live DJ'ing from a "secret" location
28 Nov  Live performances by Weather Permitting and a freestyle from River!
Guests:  Weather Permitting
21 Nov  Got the decks out
Guests:  B-Girl JK-47 from Canada
14 Nov  Uprock after party!
Guests:  The Profit, D-Minor, Miss Tanz, Jabs, Nfors, Mike C, Oakbridge, Wizdm
7 Nov  Uprock Summit warm-up special!
31 Oct  guess the special theme...
24 Oct   
17 Oct   
10 Oct   
3 Oct  music marathon
26 Sep   
19 Sep  Talked with Zac's Place who are running a Beatbox & Graff Day on 22/9.  Finished with a freestyle from River.
Guests:  Glenn & Ros from Zac's Place + Jordan Winslade aka River
12 Sep  Interview with Urban D, emcee and the pastor of Crossover Church in Tampa, Florida.
Guests:  Urban D
5 Sep  Lecrae's new track, and other songs...
29 Aug  New Jin, Arrested Development...
22 Aug  Broadcasting from the ANU Voice Poetry Slam grand final.  Finished with a live performance by Weather Permitting.
15 Aug  new Lecrae, theBREAX, and an epic 18 emcee track thanks to Oakbridge + Krosswerdz familia!
8 Aug   
1 Aug  Shareathon - raising money for our radio station - please donate
25 Jul  music marathon!  (so we could go to the ANU Voice Poetry Slam)
18 Jul  Grace is the word.
11 Jul   
4 Jul  Chillin' watching State of Origin 3 with the guys at Charny Christian Life Centre
27 Jun  BRB & Arok hijack the show, while K-man shops for bacon and pasta (?!)
20 Jun  R.I.P. Ruffian of Scribbling Idiots
13 Jun  music marathon
6 Jun  music marathon
30 May  Live DJ set at Steve Destruction's house, ending with a BRB freestyle!
Guests:  Steve Destruction
23 May  State of Origin!  Also we've got news of gig coming to Canberra Thurs 31st!
16 May  Broadcasting live from the ANU Voice Poetry Mini-Slam at Erindale Library.
Guests:  Will Small (Crosseyed)
9 May  new KJ-52, Genesiz, Cas Metah & Wonder Brown, Stephen The Levite, Json, Griffin
2 May  Interview with Rapture Ruckus.  Replay of BRB live @ "Off Tap" for
Guests:  Rapture Ruckus, Arok, Steve Destruction
25 Apr  Live DJ set at Steve Destruction's house. Starting with Gallery Drive, ending with a BRB freestyle!
Guests:  Steve Destruction
18 Apr  Live DJ set at BRB's house
Guests:  Arok
11 Apr  KRS-One, Brethren, Dying To Be Alive ... and a facebook competition (like us!)
4 Apr  Guests:  Rapture Ruckus
28 Mar  Interview with and music of D-Cype from the UK
Guests:  D-Cype
21 Mar  New KJ-52, Flame, Eshon Burgandy, Dying To Be Alive...
Guests:  Jocasta
14 Mar   
7 Mar  Chatting with Arok about his YWAM DTS experiences
Guests:  Arok, Shazzy B
29 Feb  Easterfest tickets competition!
22 Feb  Guests:  youth from Chain Reaction
15 Feb  Guests:  BroadKast
8 Feb  We're baaack!  New music from Braille, 116, Heath McNease, D4C, Theory Hazit, JustMe and Jaq.
21 Dec  Christmas Hip Hop, including one done by 8yo rapper JoJo Rock to raise money for Compassion!
Guests:  JoJo Rock (interviewed by The Profit)
14 Dec  Requests. Live Izzy n The Profit @ Nuck Chorris. new: theBREAX, Strange Fruit Project, D4c
7 Dec  Supporting the "Australian Hip Hip Supports CanTeen" double compilation album.
30 Nov  Live outside broadcast from Canberra Hospital.
23 Nov   
16 Nov  New stuff by Braille, Urban D, and off the Uprock 2011 Compilation.
9 Nov  Uprock artists and a surprise party for K-man!
Guests:  Shazzy B and children!
2 Nov   
26 Oct  Lecrae & Statik Selektah, Boogiemonsters, CanTeen tracks by BRB & Brethren (R.I.P Hunter).
19 Oct  live DJ'ing by BRB in a secret location ... Jin, KJ, Lecrae, T-Bone, Brethren
12 Oct  Flavor Fest 2011 artists and more.
5 Oct  Guess this week's theme... ;)
Guests:  Shazzy B and children!
28 Sep  Blackstump showcase and other sweet tracks!
21 Sep  Interview with Genesiz, new songs from Genesiz, 116, Jurny & Peace586, Mistery, Tedashii, and Bizzle...
Guests:  Genesiz
14 Sep  Playing artists from the Unashamed tour hitting Big Exo Day this weekend... (and a few other new and old tracks)
7 Sep  New Braille, Genesiz, Tedashii, and the Def 90s track from FOS!
Guests:  Shazzy B
31 Aug   
24 Aug  Interview with UK artist Dwayne Tryumf, UK hip-hop and more...
Guests:  Dwayne Tryumf
17 Aug  new... theBREAX, Cookbook, Phenomena, Sintax.The.Terrific, Paradox, Mr J Medeiros, muzeONE, Winnie Coopers, Trip Lee, Macho
10 Aug  Graf-writters/emcees Mistery & Jesta came in to chat and picked the playlist
Guests:  Mistery, Jesta
3 Aug  Shareathon special - "Growing Strong, Reaching Further" - please donate
27 Jul  More than music!
13 Jul   
6 Jul  State of Origin 3 warm-up.  New songs from Krosswerdz, Heath McNease, Afaar, Clister...
Guests:  Marky Holbz
29 Jun  Got new Jin, Trip Lee, Adeem, muzeONE, theBreax, and some tracks from Man Of War's new label.  Props to the nurses at TCH!
22 Jun  Izzy n The Profit's new track, and more new from Urban D, Fedel, SI fam...
15 Jun  Live updates from St. Matt's Wanniassa for the State Of Origin - Game 2!
Guests:  Arok of Metaphysical Combat
1 Jun  BRB is back!!  This show our special guest Arok picks a lot the tracks.
Guests:  Arok of Metaphysical Combat
25 May  State Of Origin Round 1 updates.  New Tedashii and Wonder Brown
18 May   
11 May  BRB is back!!
4 May  Jin from his new "Sincerly Yours" EP, muzeOne, Purified, Lifesavas...
27 Apr  Stuff off Playdough's new album "Hotdoggin", Flame, Izzy N The Profit ...
20 Apr  New Arrested Development, Sev Statik, Relic, Rapture Ruckus...
13 Apr  Non-stop Hip Hop!
6 Apr   
30 Mar  A little bit of jazzyness here and there...
23 Mar  This week was broadcast to you from our mystery location of ... the Canberra Hospital.
Guests:  Shazzy B
16 Mar  New track from Shames Worthy (aka Raphi of Tunnel Rats)
9 Mar   
2 Mar  Guests:  Eitha (House Of Reps)
23 Feb  K-man get's the show all to himself... but Gary the Gorilla stops him from playing just LA Symph.
16 Feb  Some loving and some new tracks from Oakbridge, Sean Little & Wonder Brown, theBREAX, Othello...
9 Feb  New music from Shad, Sho Baraka.  A short DJ mix bought down from Queensland.
Guests:  Silent Guest
2 Feb  Summer jams and new tracks from Propaganda, theBREAX, Winnie Coopers, Young Joshua and more...
26 Jan  Australia Day 2011
19 Jan  New music from Broadkast, Lecrae, Group 1 Crew, Talkbox, Krosswerdz, Sivion ...
12 Jan  Definition Radio is back for 2011
29 Dec  Top 20 of 2010 from this website, and the end of year poem from Shazzy B
Guests:  Shazzy B
22 Dec  Christmas Hip Hop
15 Dec   
8 Dec  The Roccordian team walked around EPIC interviewing attendees at NTE2010 in Canberra.
Guests:  Uni students at the National Training Event 2010
1 Dec   
24 Nov  We hope you feel our special show on the artist Braille.
Guests:  Braille
17 Nov  We interviewed Lee Monro (fka Figgkidd).  Also we encourage you to support 1WAY FM to Rise and Survive.
Guests:  Lee Monro
10 Nov  Paul interviewed Mark Barry, the director of NTE.  BRB interviewed emcee/actor Snap.
Guests:  Mark Barry (NTE), Snap
3 Nov  Guests:  Snap
27 Oct  Finished the show with live hip-hop from our New York guest and BRB.  Played your song requests.
Guests:  Army
20 Oct   
13 Oct  Live requests show.
6 Oct   
29 Sep  The Def Game we reviewed was Super Street Fighter 4, currently unreleased in Australia!
22 Sep   
15 Sep   
8 Sep   
1 Sep  Live request show and Definition Mixtape 2010 sneak peak!
25 Aug  Guests:  George Moss, Rubrix, Oakbridge
24 Aug  Definition Mixtape 2010 (official tracklist)
18 Aug  UK Special
Guests:  Shazzy B
11 Aug   
4 Aug  The Official Aussie KJ-52 Special (with props to Al aka Action-man)
Guests:  KJ-52
28 Jul  live DJ'ing by your hosts, plus some freestyles from TheBRB
21 Jul   
14 Jul   
7 Jul   
30 Jun   
16 Jun  Guests:  Genesiz
9 Jun  Guests:  Izzy
2 Jun   
26 May  Guests:  Oakbridge
19 May  Playlist picked by Mistery of Brethren
12 May  Guests:  Mistery of Brethren
5 May   
28 Apr  Some of the tracks we played as a bit of tribute to Guru (R.I.P).  We also interviewed George Moss from the USA.
Guests:  George Moss
21 Apr  Femcee special, which included a spoken word by MC Dust.
Guests:  Shazzy B aka MC Dust
14 Apr   
7 Apr  Easter celebration special
31 Mar   
24 Mar  This show is for the ladies!
Guests:  Shazzy B
17 Mar   
10 Mar  Super heroes theme, and our Def-Game was "Spiderman: Web Of Shadows".
3 Mar  Some new tracks for 2010, and some old.
24 Feb  Rock stars actually love hip hop, this week's Def-Game was Guitar Hero.
17 Feb  Interviewed Aussie hip-hop veteran Mistery, played a lot of his crew Brethren!
Guests:  Mistery of Brethren
10 Feb  Def Game was DJ Hero
Guests:  Rubrix
27 Jan  Australia Day special, with a live DJ mix by TheBRB.
20 Jan  DJ tracks only.  We also reviewed our first Def-Game, "Splosion Man" on XBox 360
13 Jan   
23 Dec  Christmas Hip Hop
16 Dec  Hip Hop from around the world
9 Dec  Guests:  Co-Mmission (Rubrix & Crosseyed)
2 Dec  TheBRB returns to Definition Radio!!!
Guests:  Shazzy B
25 Nov   
18 Nov   
11 Nov   
28 Oct   
21 Oct  Enock RIP
7 Oct   
30 Sep  BlackStump all Australian special.
26 Aug   
19 Aug  Edition dedicated to rock-rap and rap-core!
12 Aug   
22 Jul   
15 Jul   
1 Jul   
17 Jun   
10 Jun   
3 Jun  Feature artists:  JustMe and Cas Metah
20 May   
29 Apr  Feature compilation:  Hip Hope Hits 2009
15 Apr   
8 Apr   
1 Apr   
25 Feb   
18 Feb   
11 Feb   
4 Feb   
28 Jan  Feature album:  theBREAX (self titled)
26 Nov  Feature album:  Lecrae "Rebel"
19 Nov   
12 Nov   
22 Oct   
8 Oct   
1 Oct  Blackstump themed show ... all Aussie!
24 Sep   
17 Sep   
27 Aug   
6 Aug   
30 Jul   
13 Jul   
4 Jun   
28 May   
21 May  Feature album:  Scribbling Idiots "The Have Nots"
14 May   
7 May   
30 Apr   
19 Mar  Talkiing about XXXChurch
Guests:  Steve Conway and Rev. Josh Dinale from St. Matt's Wanniassa
12 Mar  Feature album:  The Winnie Coopers "Worth The Weight"
5 Mar   
20 Feb   
13 Feb  Feature album:  Beat Rabbi "Deepspace5oul"
6 Feb   
1 Aug  The show is taken over by guest hosts Co-Mmission!
Guests:  Crosseyed & Rubrix
25 Jul   
20 Jun  Guests:  K-man's dad
12 Jun  Guests:  Kenneth
25 Apr  90s themed show.
4 Apr  Guests:  Rubrix
21 Feb   
31 Jan  Guests:  Lady J of Metaphysical Combat
24 Jan   
17 Jan  Guests:  Action-man from Upstream
10 Jan   
3 Jan   
6 Dec   
29 Nov   
22 Nov   
15 Nov   
8 Nov   
25 Oct   
18 Oct   
11 Oct   
4 Oct   
6 Sep   

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