Arrested Development

Arrested Development


Arrested Development (AD) are true trailblazers within hip-hop music.  Since 1991 they’ve championed colorful sounds, while spreading a unique mixture of consciousness and musicality around the globe.  AD’s hit song “Mr. Wendal“ brought much needed attention to the plight of the homeless and the group gave half of that singles royalties to the National coalition of the homeless.  Their dance smash, “People Everyday” (Metamorphosis mix) addresses the tension between ignorance & consciousness, while paying homage to Sly & the Family Stone.

Tracks We've Played

Act A Fool


People Everyday


Strong  (2010)



Standing At The Crossroads  (2012)


Changing The Narrative  (2016)

Get Up (ft. Tracie Cleara)

I Don't See You at the Club

Right Direction (ft. APrime)

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