Jin - Crazy Love, Ridiculous Faith

Posted in 'Download' on 29 August 2012.

Jin has released his first full english album in 6 years.  Previously he was signed to Ruff Riders (DMX, Swizz Beats), has won 7 times on 106 and Park's Freestyle Friday, and a few years ago Jin came to Christ!  Since then Jin's been proclaiming his relationship with Christ through mixtapes and singles.   On this album he continues to share his life and how the love of God has changed him.

1. God Future (Intro)
2. Crazy Love (ft. Uncle Reece)
3. Open Arms
4. Nothing
5. So Precious (ft. Heesun Lee & Chris Belmont)
6. Masterpiece (ft. Kei-Kei)
7. Still With You (ft. Uncle Reece)
8. Joyful Sufferings (ft. Chris Belmont)
9. Ridiculous Faith (ft. Dorian Grey)
10. Dear Non-Believer (Outro)

The album is available free exclusively from the Rapzilla website:

Free Download of "Crazy Love, Ridiculous Faith" by Jin from Rapzilla.com

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