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It all started in a parking lot in Tampa, Florida in the Autumn of 2010.  Emcees Travis Harmon (reSEARCH) and Jon Corbin (The Runaway) were attending the Flavor Fest Hip-Hop conference when an informal cypher broke out.  A group of rappers started sharing rhymes acapella and encouraging one another.  Something about Harmon stood out to the Canadian emcee.  “Of course, I liked his rhymes, ” said Corbin, “but there was an authenticity about him that really impressed me. I knew that night that I wanted to work with him.”

The duo returned to their homes (Corbin to Ontario, Canada, Harmon to East Tennessee) and began planning a project together.  And over 6 years the friends encountered and weathered the storms of life trying to do so.  They welcomed newborns, and said goodbye to loved ones.  They endured moving, new jobs, and illnesses.  Corbin was even surprised with the addition of triplets to his family!  Through it all they developed a friendship and brotherhood that extends beyond a few hip-hop songs.  But the songs are ready. And they're fresh. Real fresh.

Travis Harmon and Jon Corbin are r&R is a refreshing and rejuvenating nod to 90s hip-hop, with smooth, soulful production from Customary, and energetic boom bap from DJ Sean P (Move Merchants/Gold Tips).  Both Jon and Travis draw from their 15 years of experience in rhyming to bring encouraging words to the listener.  “The best hip-hop of my day had honest and authentic rhymes. We’re just trying to tap into that energy, share our stories, and hopefully bless a few people.”

Tracks We've Played

Travis Harmon & Jon Corbin are... r&R   (2016)

Praise the Lord

Real Thugs (ft. DJ Sean P)