Definition's Top 15 of 2013

Posted in 'News' on 8 January 2014.

2013 was another great year for hip-hop.  These are the top 15 most played and voted for tracks on Definition Radio in 2013.  

Votes are collected weekly on our radio show playlists.

Top artists for the year where:  Lecrae, Izzy n The Profit, Propaganda, Shad, KJ-52, Oakbridge, Brethren, Apollo Creed, Playdough, and Braille.

Some of the artists who came close where:  Rezadent, Sevin, Heath McNease, Ohmega Watts, Sho Baraka, Nfors, The Collective, Benjah, and S.O.

Definition Radio's Top 15 Tracks of 2013

15  "Real Hip Hop" by D4C feat. Izzy n The Profit, Oakbridge, Brethren, Rezadent

14  "One Sixteen" by Trip Lee feat. KB & Andy Mineo

13  "Ceremonial Master" by JustMe feat. Wonder Brown

12  "Glass" by The Battery

11  "They Like Me" by KJ-52 feat. Lecrae

10  "Ayo!" by Andy Mineo

9  "Manic X-Files" by Manic X

8  "Rattle Ya Cage" by Izzy n The Profit

7  "Do This Everyday" by Lavoisier feat. Bizzle

6  "Drowning Man" by Cas Metah & Wonder Brown feat. Copywrite, Elias

5  "Conquer" by Propaganda feat. Theory Hazit

4  "What's Next?" by Apollo Creed

3  "Meta Force" by The Doppelganger Project

2  "Rising to the Top" by BRB

1  "Dragon Tattoo" by Mistery feat. JustMe

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