New & Upcoming Releases 2017

Posted in 'New Releases' on 1 January 2017, updated 9 July 2017.

Upcoming and recent releases we're excited about from Australia and around the world in 2016.

We've provided links to pre-order, purchase, or download for free (legitimately).

Scroll down below to see what has already been released this year.

Upcoming Releases

Marksman Lloyd (Perth, WA) 

Portals - 28/7 - iTunes

Izzy (Sydney, NSW) 

Snake Eyes - Crowdfund

Sounds Like Dsipl (Brisbane, Qld) 

album - Bandcamp

The Poet & The Profit (Central Coast, NSW) 


Kaboose (USA)

album - Crowdfund

Ozay Moore (USA)

In The Wake Of O

Izzy n The Profit (Sydney/Gosford, NSW) 

Black Out

Wizdm (Sydney, NSW) 

The Traveller Part 1

Andy Mineo (USA)

album - August

Lecrae (USA)


The Commission 

Legacy Vol. 2

Justasifi'd (Canberra, ACT) 

Apostrophis'd Acoustic

MP Ancient (MotionPlus) (USA)

Free But Not Free - donate

Sojourn (USA)

album + beat project

BRB (Canberra, ACT) 

New Kinda Human

Sivion (USA)


Apollo Creed (Sydney, NSW) 


Manziere (Sydney, NSW) 


The Profit (Central Coast, NSW) 

Early Mornings

Griffin (USA)

Alpha Dog EP

SC11 (Qld) 

Broken EP

Lecrae (USA)


L Fire (Perth, WA) 



This Year's Releases

Bay Side Wreckers (Sydney, NSW) 

Cardio Selection EP - 9/7 - iTunes / Google PlayTeaser Podcasts

Propaganda (USA)

Crooked - 30/6 - iTunes / Freely Given

Selah the Corner (USA)

Memoirs of a Perfect World - 23/6 - iTunes / Google Play

Krosswerdz Recordings 

What's The Werd? Volume 2 - 19/6 - Buy

J.I. (Vic) 

Nothing To Lose EP - 31/5 - iTunes / Google Play

John Reuben (USA)

Reubonic - 19/5 - iTunes / Google Play

Rawsrvnt (USA)

Shut It Down EP - 19/5 - iTunes / Google Play

Beleaf (USA)

No Chill - 8/5 - iTunes / Google Play

Eskatology (Adelaide, SA) 

Beautifully Broken - 22/4 - Bandcamp

K. Sparks (USA)

Gold - 5/4 - Bandcamp

Knine (USA)

Theatre of the Mind - 27/3 - Spotify

Licy Be (WA) 

Beautifully Broken - 25/3 - iTunes

Jon Corbin (Canada)

Hearts Set Ablaze - 22/3 - Buy Online

J. Rhodan (USA)

Each Sold Separately EP - 24/2 - iTunes / Bandcamp

Shadow of the Locust (USA)

A Mighty Army Cometh - 22/2 - Bandcamp / iTunes

Buck Barnabas (USA)

The Lazarus Effect (free) - 20/2 - Noisetrade

Nameless (Brisbane, Qld) 

Letter to the Gutter (free) - 10/2 - Bandcamp

Royal Ruckus (USA)

The Summer of the Cicadas - 10/2 - iTunesBandcamp

Krum (USA)

Blue Eyed Devil (name your price) - 3/2 - Bandcamp

Tim Turner (Qld) 

Out of Darkness (name your price) - 30/1 - Bandcamp

Jered Sanders (USA)

Nobody Famous- 27/1 - iTunes

J. Rhodan (USA)

Sorry It's a Tape (free) - 25/1 - Bandcamp

KJ-52 (USA)

Jonah - 16/1 - iTunespledge

Genesiz (NSW) 

Thank God (ft. Daz Dillinger) (single) - 14/1 - iTunes

Social Club Misfits (USA)

The Misadventures of Fern & Marty - 13/1 - iTunes / Google Play

Jax and The Beatfox (Australia/Korea) 

Freedom + Hope - 1/1 - iTunes

D4C (Gold Coast, Qld) 

Transformed (remix album) (free) - Bandcamp

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