About Us

Definition Radio (def′ə nis̸h′ən) (rā′dē ō′): 

Radio show playing real hip-hop music around Australia.  Hip-hop for your soul.  We're on radio across the nation via the Community Radio Network and other stations... and heard around the world though our Podcast.

We play real hip-hop from Christian artists, to Australia and beyond!  This music has reached the unreachable and touched the untouchable which is the definition of the gospel of Jesus Christ. [Luke 19]

Who We Are

K-man presents, produces and runs Definition Radio out of 1WAY FM in Canberra.

Oaks & Jabs, the mighty duo, holding it down from Sydney.

The Profit aka "The Theme Man" brings the themed shows each month from the Central Coast.

Monks n Izzy are two rad brothers who'll never quit...

We're all a part of the Krosswerdz family.

Sometimes the show is presented by some of our other Krosswerdz fam from around Australia.



The radio show was started in 2006 by K-man and the Big-M from Upstream.  We played a very random selection of music, kinda like our other radio show.  A few months in, the Big-M moved to Papua New Gunea to fix aeroplanes for missionaries.

One day from across the sea, came a man known to some as TheBRB.  Both sharing a passion for hip hop, K and B received the revelation.  So ever since then, hip-hop has been the way of the Defintion.

A few years ago BRB journeyed from Definition to spend more time focusing on his music and the important task of fighting hip-hop crime!

But then after... Lo and behold was the Audiosyncrasies.  Thus a new chapter (and opportunity) opened for Definition to spread hip-hop on radio stations across the nation...  Propsth to Michael for passing the batton on.

The Journey Continues

The dynamic duo of Oaks & Jabs from the KW10 Podcast, join the team.  They become a regular part of the show in the later parts of 2017.

We became an award winning show in 2018.  Winning "Contribution to Australian Music - Radio Program" at the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia awards dinner.

In May 2019 we get added to Steel City Gospel Radio in the USA!

2020 was a year to grow stronger together.  Our team expands to include regular presenters The Profit, Monks and Izzy.


Who can tell if we run the show or Gary Gor-illa...

When not hiding in da midst, Gary has been seen mightly krossing werdz.

Reports are that Gary might be in with those gorillas throwing exploding bananas on our roof-tops!!!