About Us

Definition Radio (def′ə nis̸h′ən) (rā′dē ō′): 

Radio show playing real hip-hop music around Australia.  Hip-hop for your soul.  We're on radio across the nation via the Community Radio Network and other stations... and heard around the world though our Podcast.

Definition is presented by the K-man, with Oaks & Jabs and others.

We play real hip-hop from Christian artists, to Australia and beyond!  This music has reached the unreachable and touched the untouchable which is the definition of the gospel of Jesus Christ. [Luke 19]

Who We Are

K-man presents, produces and runs Definition Radio out of Canberra's 1WAY FM.

Oaks & Jabs, two people, presenting the third show of every month.

We're all a part of Krosswerdz.

Sometimes the show is presented by some of our other Krosswerdz fam from around Australia.



The radio show was started in 2006 by K-man and the Big-M from Upstream.  We played a very random selection of music, kinda like our other radio show.  A few months in, the Big-M moved to Papua New Gunea to fix aeroplanes for missionaries.

One day from across the sea, came a man known to some as TheBRB.  Both sharing a passion for hip hop, K and B received the revelation.  So ever since then, hip-hop has been the way of the Defintion.

A few years ago BRB journeyed from Definition to spend more time focusing on his music and the important task of fighting hip-hop crime!

But then after... Lo and behold was the Audiosyncrasies.  Thus a new chapter (and opportunity) opened for Definition to spread hip-hop on radio stations across the nation...  Propsth to Michael for passing the batton on.


Who can tell if we run the show or Gary Gor-illa...

When not hiding in da midst, Gary has been seen mightly krossing werdz.

Reports are that Gary might be in with those gorillas throwing exploding bananas on our roof-tops!!!