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15 Jun 2024

You are now with Oaks on the Mixshow!  In this episode we keep the beats going non-stop with the faith-filled lyricism on lock coz you know when it comes to the priority list we keep the Lord on top.  We got a whole bunch of dope tracks in this mix with different kinds of vibes and don’t be surprised if it makes you feel like you need to get up to get down to the Definition Radio sound.


8 Jun 2024

This week on Definition, The Profit (Self Proclaimed Theme Man) brings us "Out The Wood Works" with a collection of tunes and newer artists coming out the wood works. (repeat)

The Profit

1 Jun 2024

New music from Australia, the UK and USA.  MC Jin, Lecrae, for King & Country, Wande, Social Club Misfits, Collistar, Ben Haydn, Russian... and the songs you voted for us to play again.


25 May 2024

It’s the Adventures of The Profit & Oaks in South Auckland!!!  Come along for the ride as the bros connect with the homies over there with some simultaneously lighthearted and super deep convos, plus of course some great tracks from some of our favorite artists in Aotearoa (NZ).  Hope you can catch the vibe of how great it was to be there.  Much love.

Shout out to the South Auckland CHH Network, Street Talk NZ, Community Baptist Church (Manuwera) & all the friendly people we met around the way. 

Oaks & The Profit

18 May 2024

Oaks & Jabs back packing a punch with some fire new tracks to listen to while having your lunch or cruising around or staring at the horizon.  Hope you enjoy immensely and if you do please share with a friend.

Oaks & Jabs

11 May 2024

This week on Definition, The Profit bring us the Rapfest Edition, playing tracks from some of the artists in QLD who participated in the Rapfest event and also bringing us some new tracks from War Records, MotionPlus, Man Of War and Sole Option.

The Profit

4 May 2024

The Profit brings us the Mother's Day Special, celebrating the Ladies representing on the mic.  (repeat)

The Profit

27 Apr 2024

This week we're playing songs you asked us to play again and some new songs by KJ-52 and Peabod.  And a big colab track featuring Wande and Jackie Hill Perry.


20 Apr 2024

Oaks & Jabs have taken a left turn with this one.  Not with the music, the music is still dope, it's more the yaps than the raps.  The banter is out there.  Plenty of new music as always, with a varying vibe as usual and some topics of discussion that are very unusual.

Oaks & Jabs

13 Apr 2024

This week The Profit (self proclaimed theme man) returns with Part 2 of The Cypher, giving us a few new faces but taking us on a journey through time with some epic throw-back's to some of The Cypher and Posse Track goodness to have come out of Australia.  (repeat)

The Profit

6 Apr 2024

Sci-fi, comic book movies, and video games themed show! (repeat)


23 Mar 2024

This week on Definition, The Profit takes up to the Deep South, introducing us to some new faces and music from Adelaide, Texas and beyond.

The Profit

16 Mar 2024

Oaks & Jabs are super excited for new music from the homies and some favourites from overseas as well as making the discovery that albums are not a thing of the past!

Oaks & Jabs

9 Mar 2024

This week on Definition, The Profit brings us "The Cypher" - Celebrating all things Posse Track and Cypher related also bringing us some freshness from NZ. (repeat)

The Profit

2 Mar 2024

IYKYK... new music by Tedashii, KB, Sareem Poems, River Movement, Marty, Alert312, Phathom and Prodigyl.


24 Feb 2024

New, flashbacks and what you want to hear again.  New ones by Lecrae, Ruslan and Hulvey.  Flashbacks by Mistery and theBREAX.


17 Feb 2024

Some new tracks, an exclusive even, some wavy bangers, some seriousness, a fulfilled promise and some unexpected relaxation.  What more do we need to say? Oaks & Jabs going all out on this one.

Oaks & Jabs

10 Feb 2024

This week on Definition Radio the self proclaimed theme-man The Profit brings us BYO Neckbrace FULL CIRCLE edition. Packed with new tracks and throwbacks of the real, raw and relevant grimy boom bap for you to nod your head to until your neck hurts.

The Profit

3 Feb 2024

Definition's Most Voted.  Counting down the songs we played in 2023 that received the most votes.


27 Jan 2024

This week The Profit brings us his Top 10 picks from Definition Radio 2023 to kick off the year in no particular order.

The Profit

20 Jan 2024

Happy New Year from Oaks & Jabs!! The guys are glad to be back for another year as we take a quick break from the Top 10 of 2023 Episodes to clear the archives and highlight some artists like E.Man, Cyfe II & Braille with some new artists we haven’t played before, a remix and an emotional rollercoaster of deep reflection to round it all out.  Hang on.

Oaks & Jabs

13 Jan 2024

Taking a look back at 2023, Jabs brings you his Top Ten Favourites of the year (plus a few extras). But just because he's without Oaks doesn't mean he's rockin this episode solo. He has recruited a bunch of crazy kids to help him count down the top 5, talk about chaos!


6 Jan 2024

It's K-man's turn to share his top 10 favourite new songs of 2023... plus a few other songs because either the songs are too short or he doesn't talk as much as the other Definition presenters.


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