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6 Aug 2022

This week on Defintion The Profit brings us his list of tracks he Woulda played if he was more on the ball, Shoulda played if he wasn't boxed in by his own themes and Coulda played if he was just a little bit faster at bringing out the new drops like K-Man and Oaks & Jabs. A bunch of new content and killer flashbacks.

The Profit

30 Jul 2022

K-man is pressing play on the songs you voted for and other new and old favourites.


23 Jul 2022

Oaks & Jabs ARE here this time….. only a week late.  Wanting to make up for their absence they decided to bring you a bucket full of bangers…. like for real.  Quite international and quite West, quite nice.  May it be a blessing.

Oaks & Jabs

16 Jul 2022

Oaks & Jabs... are not here.  Or are they?  K-man plays some tunes by the duo, alongside other great new tracks to flashbacks.


9 Jul 2022

New music from the Krosswerdz fam, Manafest, Steven Malcolm and Snoop Dogg!  Themed back-to-back flashbacks by LMNO and Sareem Poems.


2 Jul 2022

This week on Definition, The Profit brings us "BYO Neckbrace Pt2", strap in, pop on a helmet and that stank face and get ready for some head nodding to these certified bangers.

The Profit

25 Jun 2022

As we do each month, we're playing the songs you voted for us to play again.  While still throwing in some new ones.


18 Jun 2022

Oaks & Jabs raise a lot of questions… and provide no answers!  They do provide some dope tracks though.  Some new stuff and some tracks from artists we haven’t played before.  A very eclectic show and that’s how they roll.  By the way if you have any of the answers please let us know.  In particular, why are songs getting shorter and shorter these days?

Oaks & Jabs

11 Jun 2022

This week on Definition, The Profit (Self Proclaimed Theme Man) brings us "Out The Wood Works" with a collection of new tunes and new artists coming out the wood works.

The Profit

28 May 2022

Community picked playlist... K-man is playing what you voted for us to play again, while also replaying some great new tunes played by the team.


21 May 2022

There comes a time when even Oaks wants to try something different and Jabs is all for it.  Some new vibes for the lads with some of the same tomfoolery.  This episode is dedicated to connections made.  Have a listen, you’ll get it.

Oaks & Jabs

14 May 2022

New music by Lecrae, 1K Phew, Sansone, Sajan Nauriyal, apocalyptic and Tylerhateslife.  Flashbacks by KJ-52 and Mars ILL.


7 May 2022

This week on Definition The Profit teams up with Izzy to have a chat with Avery Harden (Las Vegas) on his third Australian tour to talk about life, early influences and new single Movin To Straya.

The Profit, Izzy   Guests: Avery Harden

30 Apr 2022

You've been voting for reflective and encouraging songs, so let's hear those and more and ... get amongst it!


23 Apr 2022

New Uprock Compilation song and the most voted flashback of the month.


16 Apr 2022

Jabs is back!!  He and Oaks get into some good music and some next level shenanigans.  Obviously they needed this.  They are a duo dueting.

Oaks & Jabs

9 Apr 2022

Jordan of River Movement jumps on the phone to talk with K-man and Holbo about their new single "Know You More" featuring Sole Option.

There's also new songs by "1k (everyone)", Joshua Luke Smith, Wild Sons...  Flashbacks by Braille and Shad.

K-man & Holbo   Guests: Jordan of River Movement

2 Apr 2022

This week on Definition Radio The Profit (Self Proclaimed Theme Man) gets a Fresh Start after being defeated by the theme last month. Bringing a bunch of exclusive and new material and of course a ridiculous amount of killer throwbacks.

The Profit

26 Mar 2022

Pre-release exclusive premiere of the new single by River Movement featuring Sole Option!


19 Mar 2022

Oaks is flying solo with a quick fire episode full of back to back tracks with shorter gaps and little time for chats.  Playing some new stuff, some faves from 2021 and an unlikely flashback.


12 Mar 2022

Tilting the balance and other subtle themes.  K-man playing a few new and old tunes, while weaving in some unsaid themes.


5 Mar 2022

The Profit - Self Proclaimed Theme Man hit a snag trying to lock in a theme in our current circumstances entering 2022. So we bring you Tales From The Swamp... Have A Break (Kit Kat Special). A collection of songs and a lot of new stuff to get you in some music and out of the craziness.

The Profit

26 Feb 2022

This show, K-man will only play the songs you voted for us to play again.  So sit back or start your walk/ride and enjoy the music the community picked.


19 Feb 2022

New music by Young Faith from Australia and plenty of Soup the Chemist.  In Oaks & Jabs temporary absence, K-man tries to hijack an outro.


12 Feb 2022

Two new songs from the UK and plenty of great hip hop.


5 Feb 2022

This week on Definition Radio The Profit brings us the Back 2 Skool Special. Everything ranging from PE, Lunch, Economics and more to kick off your back to school portion of the year.

The Profit

29 Jan 2022

Oaks is back with special guest co-host JFreak going through some category based selections of Christian Hip Hop bangers.

JFreak & Oaks

22 Jan 2022

For the first time in 2022 it’s those crazy cats Oaks & Jabs.  Plenty of great new music with a special premiere and some serious chats as well. Check it out and feel free to send some feedback.

Oaks & Jabs

15 Jan 2022

This week on Definition The Profit kicks off his first episode with some NEW YEARS FRESHNESS.

The Profit

8 Jan 2022

We're back for 2022.  K-man plays some new tunes, old tunes, and tracks that nearly made it in to last week's most voted songs of 2021 show.  Listen in for the most voted flashback of 2021.


1 Jan 2022

The most voted for new songs of 2021.  Decided by you here on the website!


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