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23 Sep 2023

New music by Lecrae, Struggle Jennings, Sareem Poems and a bunch of songs we haven't played in quite a while.


16 Sep 2023

Jabs gets amongst it with some selections (mostly Indie Tribe related) while Oaks chucks in some new and recent tracks by other artists including a couple we’ve not played on Definition Radio before.  Check it out.

Oaks & Jabs

9 Sep 2023

New music by Genesiz, Derek Minor and Regenerit.


2 Sep 2023

The Profit brings us his list of tracks he Woulda played if he was more on the ball, Shoulda played if he wasn't boxed in by his own themes and Coulda played if he was just a little bit faster at bringing out the new drops like K-Man and Oaks & Jabs.  A bunch of new content and killer flashbacks.  (repeat)

The Profit

26 Aug 2023

Long time artists Kaboose, Shadow of the Locust and Spoken Nerd all return with new music.  River Movement from Australia colabs with Scribe from Canada.  Flashback from Lojique.


19 Aug 2023

A special dedication, some birthday wishes, a salute to some legends, some political commentary and a bunch of dope tracks with Oaks & Jabs.

Oaks & Jabs

12 Aug 2023

The hottest new songs we've played, a flashback and more!


29 Jul 2023

The team is reunited.  Oaks & Jabs bring you some bangers bruh, bangers.  It may get a bit intense so make sure you stretch beforehand.  Oaks would like to officially apologise for doing an episode without Jabs.  Well not really.  It’s good to be back together for the banter though, check it out.

Oaks & Jabs

22 Jul 2023

Oaks jumps in for a solo cruise around various vibes and styles in the land of 2023 CHH tracks.  Come along for the ride.


15 Jul 2023

New tunes by Lecrae, Peabod, Guvna B, Vonte Grace and more.  Recent tracks, flashbacks and retro inspired.


8 Jul 2023

Repeat of the NAIDOC Week special hosted by Izzy. Music by Eskatology, Impossible Odds, Monks, JPoint, and more...


1 Jul 2023

Oaks has an in depth chat with the Verbal Renaissance Label artists Aasha Marie, Justin Martyr & Regenerit coming out of Chicago.  As well as covering individual tracks and their new joint Compilation album “Welcome To The VR” we delve into some deeper themes like; the approach to CHH music, unity amongst CHH creatives, sources of inspiration, gang culture in Chicago, the need to speak to the culture, women and the culture and a whole lot more.

Grab a cuppa and let’s get into it.

Listen to the extended version to catch the whole conversation and some extra tracks -

Oaks   Guests: Aasha Marie, Justin Martyr & Regenerit

24 Jun 2023

New music by NF, Social Club Misfits, Licy Be... Mini-themes and re-visiting some of the best new tracks we've played in the last 2 months.

Thanks out to all the radio stations playing Definition.  This month is when they're asking for your help to keep them funded.  We'd love it if you go to their webpage and donate to their appeal, if you're able.


17 Jun 2023

Oaks & Jabs are back together again with a bunch of banter and plenty of bangers both rugged and raw and smooth & groovy.  A very eclectic playlist on this one.

Oaks & Jabs

3 Jun 2023

New music by WHATUPRG, K-WAK, Junyah... and flashbacks from an 30 year old record label that's coming back.


27 May 2023

Your most voted for songs, talking on tracks, and more...


20 May 2023

Oaks is flying solo, taking you on a journey bouncing around from the A-U-S to the U.S.A., the UK and the M.Y.  Some dope new tracks and a bunch of different vibes.  Hope it’s a blessing to your ears and your heart.


13 May 2023

Positive hip hop by Christian artists from Australia and beyond.  New music by NF and Village KNG.  Two flashbacks to the early '00s.


6 May 2023

The Profit brings us the Mother's Day Special, celebrating the Ladies representing on the mic.

The Profit

29 Apr 2023

We play the songs you want to hear again, and some others that you might.


22 Apr 2023

It’s ok, Jabs is back.  Our resident Batman & Robin (you decide which is which) return with another show chockers full of new music (plus new to Definition music). Things even get kinda serious with discussions on generations in Hip Hop.  Could it be another contender for the best episode they’ve done?? Well, who knows but either way you wanna check it out, some great tracks in this one.

Oaks & Jabs

15 Apr 2023

This week The Profit (self proclaimed theme man) returns with Part 2 of The Cypher, giving us a few new faces but taking on a journey through time with some epic throw-back's to some of The Cypher and Posse Track goodness to have come out of Australia.

The Profit

8 Apr 2023

This week we're playing raps in the theme of the Easter weekend


1 Apr 2023

Playing a subtle theme.  New music by Young C, Still Shadey, S.O. Dubem and Ruslan.


25 Mar 2023

K-man pulls out an interview from 2012 with Brother E, who passed away earlier this year.  New music and songs you asked us to play again.


18 Mar 2023

Oaks and Oaks bringing some brand new bangers and generally excellent music into your world.  Jabs apologises for not being here but is willing to mow your lawn to make up for it.  Just email the address mentioned in the episode.  If you don't have a lawn he will water your plants.  Seriously though some great tracks this episode from AUS to USA to NZ to SA even.  Check It.

Check out the Uprock Concert 2022 (soz about the sound) at:

Music Video Youtube Playlist:


11 Mar 2023

So much new music... Lecrae, D Smoke, Licy, Be, Que Parks, Wande, nobigdyl, Aaron Cole, Playdough, Knaladeus... and a song request.

Flashback by the Tunnel Rats off Underground Rise, volume... the only volume


4 Mar 2023

This week on Definition The Profit brings us "The Cypher" - Celebrating all things Posse Track and Cypher related also bringing us some freshness from NZ.

The Profit

25 Feb 2023

The monthly playing of your most voted for tracks, along with a new song by NF called Hope.


11 Feb 2023

This week we're playing new music and listeners' favourites from recent years.


4 Feb 2023

This week on Definition, The Profit returns for his first episode of 2023 with "Under The Radar". Showcasing a bunch of tracks that were released at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 that didn't get a chance to feature on Definition yet and also a special throwback for an incredible man, Father, Husband, Friend, Pastor and Emcee - Brother E.

The Profit

28 Jan 2023

The Jabs and the Oaks back for 2023 playing some brand new tunes from some great local and international emcees including an exclusive drop of Th3rdkind’s new track and they even get deep talking about topics like the influence of music, plus some nonsensical antics of course.  Shout out to the apiarists.

Oaks & Jabs

21 Jan 2023

Playing our listeners' most voted for new songs of 2022.


14 Jan 2023

Before we play the most voted for new songs of 2022, let's play your most voted for not-new songs of 2022.


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