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Hi, thanks for listening to the show.

Feel free to leave us your song requests or say wassup on any of the below.

We're also on the lookout for Aussie or online events featuring hip-hop artists who are Christian.  Any element.



Twitter:  @DefinitionHH

Instagram:  @DefinitionHH

Post:  PO Box 927, Fyshwick ACT 2609, Australia

Music Submissions

On the radio show we cover all styles of hip-hop.  We play what we think our audience will dig.

Here's some basic guidelines to help get your music on-air:

Please do this...

  • Introduce yourself and link us to somewhere we can hear your music.  A brief pitch is appreciated.
  • Be professional and friendly in your approach.  It's helpful to read it out aloud before sending.  If it sounds stupid or contrived to you, it'll probably sound like that to us.
  • Be compelling and on-point.  At the same time don't puff yourself up to sound like something you're clearly not.
  • It helps to check out what type of stuff we play.  If your submission doesn’t seem to fit, it may not suit our audience.
  • Be patient, as we can't guarantee we'll quickly get to every email.  Submissions that don't follow the advice here, might get ignored by us.

Basic Track Guidelines

  • Audio must be of a good enough production quality for radio airplay.
  • The primary/main artist must be a Christian.  We can still play your track if a contributor isn't.
  • We won't be able to play anything that has coarse or obscene language.
  • Email submissions are preferred.
  • Please provide a link to download your music instead of attaching the track.
  • Files must be in lossless format (preferably) or 320kbps MP3/M4A.

Following the above advice will help your chances to get airplay.

For more submission tips, check out the advice on Sphere of Hip Hop.

Thank you to everyone who has already sent us their music.