New Album from Macho!

13 Jul 2011 | News

Macho Ortega, one-half of the critically acclaimed duo "New Breed" is set to release his full-length debut, Remember, a project he says is sure to reestablish his presence as a prominent influence in the Christian Hip-Hop community.

Macho was first introduced, with New Breed, as a key member of The Tunnel Rats on their 2001 release, Tunnel Vision.  New Breed, consisting of Macho and his sister Elsie, later debuted Stop the Music and followed it up with Nine.  Always one to stand out lyrically, no matter who else he’s on a track with, Macho then released Freedom, a seven track EP that allowed him the opportunity to star as a featured artist.

After a lengthy hiatus, Macho is back with Remember, an independent release that will serve as a personal reminder of why his music is all the more relevant in today’s constantly evolving music industry.  Remember is a full-length solo project that will embody the familiar qualities fans have come to love from the artist, with the album’s intro, “Ready,” serving as a reminder of his East Coast lyricism and aggressive delivery.  Remember is an album of growth for Macho both personally and musically, as he wrote each hook and melody and showcases his own vocal abilities in “Run to You,” a heavily introspective track about repentance and surrender.

Remember will have its fair share of all-star guest spots.  Christian Hip Hop will surely be well-represented with Rhyme Council’s R-Swift making an appearance as well as Tunnel Rats such as Propaganda, Jurny Big, Zane, Dax, Shames Worthy and more.  Of course, the project wouldn’t be complete without Elsie showing up for a New Breed reunion to remind Christian Rap fans of what they’ve been missing.  Donavan Henry, who co-produced the project, lends his soulful vocals to the title track and again on a unique worship interlude.  Finally, budding pop-star Ashley Rodriguez, Macho’s niece who was first seen on the 9th season of American Idol, will be featured on “Give Me Strength” for what will surely be a memorable collaboration.  Other features include Grammy award winning writer Estee Bullock and Tena Jones, formerly of 4th Avenue Jones.

With Remember, Macho continues to carry out the central message of the Gospel as he has throughout his career. By infusing God’s Word into his music in a way that manages to be unapologetic, raw, and in-your-face, all the while maintaining a sense of subtlety and a well-placed grace, Macho stays true to the scripture “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” When listening to Remember, it is clear that this music came from deep within the heart of the artist.