The Battery "Break" Music Video

1 Oct 2011 | News

The legendary rhyme skills of Jurny Big and the masterful production of Peace 586 come together on the release of their first music video for "Break".

"Break" is the lead single from their new album "One" and it features the talented DJ Aslan on the scratches. On the track, Jurny Big gets instrospective about dreams of "blowing up" and how he now sees his music in it's proper place in life. While holding his daughter he poignantly rhymes "While you tripping on how they gonna pay they baby moms / I'm spittin' with my baby in my arms..."

Filmed by Jon Madison, the video breaks free from the run of the mill rap video that's so common today.


Preview their whole album (availble from Bandcamp, iTunes and Sphere Of Hip Hop):