Sho Baraka album "Talented Xth"

13 Jan 2013 | News

Sho Baraka has released his third studio album Talented 10th on the 15th of January.  The project is Sho’s first full-length album as an independent artist.

With Talented 10th, Sho’s aim is to change urban culture by inspiring and challenging listeners to “be exceptional for the benefit of others,” he says.  Armed with a deeper resolve after traveling overseas and experiencing a broader scope of pain and struggle, he hopes to bring life to his community and others through music and various art forms.

It's a big step-up from his previous albums.

“I have never met a person as creative and musically talented as Sho Baraka. I can’t wait to see what he gives us on this upcoming project. I know it will be fire!” – Tedashii (Reach Records recording artist)

“Sho Baraka has once again proven to be on the cutting edge both musically and lyrically. Conscious and creative, he is one of the most important voices in Hip Hop.” – Chris Brussard (ESPN analyst and writer)

“I’m excited to work with an awesome artist and lyricist that transcends this Hip Hop game and touches the world in so many positive ways. Be on the lookout for greatness!” – Jon Jon Traxx (produced for Beyonce and Karmin)

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