Book on the History of Holy Hip Hop

25 Mar 2013 | News

A book has been written on how the gospel rap movement began, by one of its pioneers ... Soup the Chemist (of SFC).

".... A year later I had 400 pages of practical and comprehensive information, special memories and happy mistakes trapped in a typewritten composition titled “Through My Windows.”  This book details the gospel rap movement from 1985 to 2003, while also addressing one’s mental process of perception and reasoning.  For anyone seeking to understand how the movement started and how groups such as S.F.C., The Gospel Gangstas, I.D.O.L. King, Freedom of Soul and Dynamic Twins came to be, this book is a must read."  -Soup

The book is written, and Soup is running a Kickstarter crowdfunding project to fund the printing.

Check out his Kickstarter page for a explanation video from Soup.  Put in your pre-order and get some extras for supporting.

You can read some of Soup's book right now (for free) on his website: