History of Gospel Hip Hop

8 Jul 2013 | News

A book written on how the gospel rap movement began, by one of its pioneers...Soup the Chemist.

The book is now published and available through Soup's online store.

Here's what Soup the Chemist says about his book:

I began this project three years ago in my room, sipping on a smoothie I made with my newly purchased Ninja Blender. Discussing a screenplay I wrote while on the phone with my Friend Joey the Jerk, he said to me, “Yo Soup, tell your story about the Holy Hip Hop scene in a book.” I replied, "What does that have to do with the screen play, homie?" He answered, “Nothing at all, but I want to read your story about what the Holy Hip Hop scene was before I got into it, so write a book.” That night I thought about what he said. I arose the next morning and began to write about my experience. I had no idea where to start so I just stared at the computer for about an hour trying to capture what I should say first. Then it clicked; don’t think, just write. A year later I had 400 pages of practical and comprehensive information, special memories and happy mistakes trapped in a typewritten composition titled “Through My Windows.” This book details the gospel rap movement from 1985 to 2003, while also addressing one’s mental process of perception and reasoning. For anyone seeking to understand how the movement started and how groups such as S.F.C., The Gospel Gangstas, I.D.O.L. King, Freedom of Soul and Dynamic Twins came to be, this book is a must read…Soup

P.S. You can read some of the book right now on my website at: www.beesydeent.com

Back in the late 80's there were only a handful of emcees reppin' Christ on the mic. The quality was usually sub-par and it was pretty discouraging for Christians trying to find quality hip-hop. Chris Cooper, known back then as Super C, was one of the first emcees with distribution that could hold his own and rock stages with the best, receiving the respect of secular emcees like KRS One. Whether you know him as Super C, Sup (Soup) the Chemist, or you have yet to hear of him, Chris is someone who knows the history of Christian hip-hop because he has lived it.