GRITS 20th Anniversary Album

30 Sep 2014 | News

Coffee and Bonafied, the two members of GRITS, are reuniting for their 10th studio album.  GRITS has been going for 20 years.  Winners of 5 Dove Awards, 2 Grammy nominations, and have toured the world.  Their songs have been featured in blockbuster hit films like "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift", Martin Lawrence's "Big Momma's House 2", and Jack Nicholson's "Something's Gotta Give".  Their single "Ooh Ahh" has been RIAA Certified GOLD, and the duo has sold over 900,000 albums since their start in 1995.

The new album will be crowfunded.  Here's what GRITS say about it:

"It's been four years since our last full-length project Quarantine was released.  About a year ago we got together in a studio in Nashville and began to talk about the old days, and the greatness of what we'd accomplished.  We talked to our fans, via social media and found that many of them had been there from the beginning, and they wanted more.  We began the Throwback Series via Youtube last year, chronicling each and every GRITS record over the years.  Now that the series has almost come to a close, we feel more ready than ever to come back and record our tenth full-length album.

We want to make this the best project we've ever done.  We're pulling out all the stops, getting our old crew back together, and working to get a ton of people on this record.  Expect some Factors of the Seven, Studio Cafe, and maybe even some surprise features!

If you know us, you know we don't do anything without going big.  We either go big or we don't do it.  That's why we're looking to you, our fans, who have brought us here.  GRITS is back y'all. Now it's your turn."

Visit the GRITS Kickstarter campaign to learn how to become involved and to earn some great perks.