New Signings to Illect Recordings

14 Feb 2015 | News

2015 is already shaping up to be good, with a some great artists recently signed to ILLECT Recordings.

ILLECT Recordings is a hip-hop label out of the USA.  It has been going since 2003, with that "Good Rap Feeling".  Christian artists from top crews like Deepspace5, L.A. Symphony, Scribbling Idiots, Tunnel Rats, and more from the USA to UK.

Sojourn - member of the Tunnel Rats and Future Shock.  Been making music since the 90s.  Expect a beat tape and album from this veteran this year.

DJ Aktual - the youngest signee to illect.  Beat maker and deejay!

Change - Emcee/producer ... been underground for a while.  Keen to see what he brings to illect!

Ess Be - talented producer.  Releasing an album on illect in March with Sareem Poems.