Say Goodbye to Playdough

7 Mar 2016 | News

It's time for us all to say goodbye to Playdough.  Not the rapper/producer we all love, he's staying.  No it's only time to say goodbye to his name.  It's been coming for a while now...  As he explains, there's this huge company that has good lawyers who might not be so agreeable about the name Playdough being used elsewhere. 

So it's been a long time coming but goodbye Playdough, say hello to "Krum".

Krum says his music will still be the Playdough you love, know, and who keeps growing.  So no major style shift, it's just the name changing.  "I know that's a major change, but it's great news and I'm super excited about moving forward."

The first project he's releasing as "Krum" is with producer Rob Viktum.  It's all sampled from classic Gospel songs "so it's raw, filled with record crackle and some pretty personal lyrics."  The project is called "Bare Knuckle Gospel" and will be releaed on the 29th of April.  Until then, check out this song from the project and follow Krum on his new SoundCloud page.