New Phanatik Album in November

20 Oct 2010 | News

Phanatik, original member of The Cross Movement, is set to release his new album Party Over Here with Cross Movement Records on the 23rd of November, 2010, alongside his first self-published book.

Phanatik creatively delivers a fun, heart-challenging project titled Party Over Here.  The album zooms in on a dozen distinct occasions that typically get the party going.  While staying true to his unique brand of lyricism and urban theology, Phanatik courageously challenges the "Party Like a Rockstar" attitude of our current culture, causing listeners to ask themselves and their surroundings whether we should be celebrating or lamenting life as we know it.  

Phanatik utilizes his signature witty word play and analytical style to deliver a more mature flow and subject matter; what you may call grown-up Hip Hop.  With a musical sound that is both new and yet nostalgic, the wordsmith keeps listeners’ heads nodding, while their minds travel to places from the natural to the supernatural.

“I always sought to make music that Christians could comfortably share with nonbelievers and this album is my masterpiece,” stated Phanatik.  “It’s a timely and timeless audio experience that I hope audiences will live through and enjoy again and again.”

Party Over Here is comprised of the following 16 tracks:

  1. Welcome Party (ft. Matt "Mojo" Morginsky)
  2. Back on da block (Interlude ft. Victor Cooper & Ohene)
  3. Block Party
  4. Pool Party (ft. Psalmizt)
  5. Pity Party (ft. Shareece “Sha” Alexander)
  6. Slumber Party (ft. Mac the Doulos)
  7. Wake Up (Interlude)
  8. Prayze Party
  9. Going Away Party (ft. Melissa Thorp & Shareece “Sha” Alexander)
  10. Party Over Here (Interlude)
  11. Pizza Party
  12. Sweet 16’s (ft. Disciple & Evangel)
  13. Release Party
  14. After Party (ft. K-Drama)
  15. Surprise Party – Sweet 16’s Remix (ft. Young Joshua, Willie Will, Propaganda, Stephen the Levite & Evangel)
  16. Pool Party Remix (ft. Psalmizt & G.O.D.Sent)

Download the "Pool Party (Reap preMix)" on the Cross Movement Records homepage.

New Book

Brady “Phanatik” Goodwin Jr. has also self-published a new book The Death of Hip Hop, Marriage & Morals, which looks at African-American history from a unique Christian Hip Hop perspective.  The book connects the past 100 years of secular philosophy and psychology to the messages in our modern multi-media driven world, examining how these ideas impact the experience of culture, family and faith in urban and suburban America alike.  The Death of Hip Hop, Marriage & Morals is available now through The Urban Remix Project, a website began by Phanatik in an attempt to create an online resource center for youth workers and parents that provides relevant material for reaching and discipling youth and young adults.

To find out more about Phanatik, visit: or