Humble Beast

11 Jan 2011 | News

From the Humble Beast website:

When Humble Beast was birthed our initial goal and intention was to give away all our music for free.  It took us awhile to fine tune the process (and we are still fine tuning it daily) but we are compelled to hold true to the vision.

Starting in 2011 all Humble Beast's official releases will be available as free downloads.  It is our joy to freely give and be generous with our giftings because God has been generous and gracious with us.  We humbly offer our music, video content and ministry resources for free.  These products are not our left-overs, these are our first fruits. We strive for excellence and pour out our very lives into everything we do at Humble Beast – all for the glory and honor of the one who poured out his life for us, Jesus Christ.