New Music 2011 Catch Up

11 May 2011 | New Releases

We're going to let you in on where us Australians can buy all the great music Definition plays on radio.

Since we're a few months in already, we'll have a bit of catch-up...

Australian Artists

TheBRB - "Hard Times" single on iTunes.

"Out There" compilation from AussieChristianGigs, with tracks from TheBRB and Genesiz (& other genres).

International Artists

Playdough - "Hotdoggin" album on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Lecrae - "Rehab: The Overdose" album on iTunes and at bookstores.

Shames Worthy - "The Album" album on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Propaganda & Odd Thomas - "Art Ambidextrous" album on iTunes.

Shad - "iTunes Sessions"  EP on iTunes.

Shad - "Two Songs" double single on iTunes.

theBREAX - "Brilliant Realness / More Of" maxi single on iTunes.

Sivion - "Everything Is Everything / Brand New Day Remix" maxi single on iTunes and Bandcamp.

muzeONE - "Father Time / Literary Lyricism Remix" maxi single on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Trip Lee - "Brag On My Lord" single on iTunes.

Theory Hazit - "Modern Marvels" single on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Tedashii - "Need It Daily ft. Pro" single on iTunes.

Tedashii - "Riot" single on iTunes.

Page One & DJ Because - "It's About Time / Crazy Leg Sweep" maxi single on Bandcamp.

"Waging War" from Man Of War's 'War Records' label line-up, compilation on iTunes.

Plus some quality free downloads from Jin, Sev Statik, Propaganda, Alert, and Die-Rek...