DJ Maj


His friends gave him the name "DJ Magic" after watching his skills on the turntables.  He shortened his name to "DJ Maj" after becoming a Christian.  DJ Maj has contributed to albums released by tobyMac, GRITS, Ill Harmonics, Flynn Adam, Carman, dc Talk, and the Newsboys.

Tracks We've Played

Back To Center (ft. John Katina)

Hill Street Blues (ft. Victor "Liquid" Oquendo)


UK (United Kingdom)

Wax Museum Mixtape   (2000)

Da Vortex 2000 (w/ Vex Da Vortex)

Falling (w/ 4th Avenue Jones)

Golden Motorcycle (w/ Pigeon John)

Set Sail (Factors Of The 7)

Full Plates mixtape .002   (2001)

4-Way Stop (ft. DJ Dust, DJ Form, DJ Skillspinz)

6 Hours From Columbus (w/ John Reuben)

Deception (w/ Pigeon John)

Spirit Moves (Rock Soul Remix) (w/ Out Of Eden) (ft. Truth)

Street Credibility (w/ Mars ILL)

The Ringleader Mixtape Vol. 3   (2003)

God Music (ft. John Reuben & Pigeon John)

Never Heard Before (w/ L.A. Symphony)

So Excited (w/ Verbs, Shonlock)

The Ringleader (ft. Lisa Kimmey)

BoogiRoot   (2005)

BoogiRoot (The Anthem) (ft. Gabe Real)

Can't Take It Away (ft. tobyMac)

Hands (ft. Michael Tait)

Love (So Beautiful)

Through the Night (ft. KJ-52)

uAppeal (ft. manCHILD, Special ED)

Christmas in Diverse City   (2011)

Carols of the Kings (ft. Gabe Real & Liquid)