California, USA

Growing up in Pittsburg California, John was surrounded by a loving family, but that would quickly change when John became intrigued by the things of the world his peers was doing at a young age.  Thus leading John into a compromising lifestyle for years until the age of 16 when John became seriously affected by anxiety when smoking with a group of friends. The illness was so severe, he says he didn't have a choice but to call on the lord.  And at the same age of 16, John got saved, freed and delivered from all chains and oppression that was upon him.  Now with a new life john had a new destiny, he just didn't know what it was yet until the passing of his father at the age of 17.  This devastation lead john into music to keep his mind on something other then mourning.  This decision has paid off and worked as John operating in a gifting he didn't know he had.  With success and anointed lyrics, John says this is just the beginning and he's going to make music for Jesus forever!

Tracks We've Played

Love (ft. Young C)