Zak The Warrior

UK |

Zak The Warrior is a young gospel rapper emerging from just outside of West London.  Having amassed over 20,000+ followers on TikTok for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, he is ready to embark on the next stage of his music career to glorify his Creator.
  Music has always been an integral part of Zak’s childhood, he learned to play piano at the age of 10 and also learnt how to produce beats as a teenager. He started rapping at the age of 16 having previously released two secular songs. 
 Zak had as he describes ‘a spiritual encounter with the living Jesus Christ’ just before turning 19.  He then devoted his life to following in his footsteps, growing in relationship with God and sharing the gospel to the nations. 
 Zak aims inspire the younger generation to use their God-given gifts and be themselves, and to not be afraid to stand out or leave a positive impact on the world. 
 John 3:16

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