Soul, passion, positive content, and cleverly crafted lyricism – these elements are vividly embodied in the music of Orijin, a Toronto-based emcee. Beyond just punchlines and witty wordplay, Orijin’s lyrics are infused with relevant and thought-provoking commentary on faith, identity, and life in community.  The seamless blend of Orijin’s lyrical flow with soulful hip-hop instrumentals makes for an infectious sound that appeals to a wide audience.

“He’s talented, he has a positive vibe and approach, and he’s consistently working hard, and those are three things I look for [...] His rhymes are well-crafted and he delivers them with conviction, if he keeps working there is no reason why he wouldn’t be able to move forward in his career and speak to more people.”
- Shad K

Tracks We've Played

Dial-Up (ft. Dru Bex & Jeremy Rodney-Hall)


Lord Have Mercy (ft. Scribe & Rel McCoy)

To Live Earnestly (ft. Quantum Pause)