Japhia Life



Born and raised in Philly by his father a bible teacher, and his mother a gospel singer and pianist.  By age fifteen Japhia found himself headed down the wrong path, and eventually sitting in a crack house focused on living out his street dreams.  Eventually Japhia realized that his ability as an emcee could provide the escape from the trappings of his environment that he so desperately needed.  In 2001 he inked a deal with a Los Angeles based indie hip hop label called Ready Rock Records, and released (Pages of Life) which was compared to (Illmatic & Reasonable Doubt), and hailed a hip hop classic in the underground hip hop market.

Weaving creativity with heartfelt lyricism has proven to become an explosive combination in terms of his fan base.  He was recently featured in an article in (URB Magazine) that starts off by mentioning him as being the heartfelt voice that will be heard by this generation, and the future of Hip Hop.

Tracks We've Played

DJ Life

Freestyle No. 1


Lifey's Got a Gun


Sunshine [The Hood] (ft. Dorena Williamson)

Temporary Vacation


Westside Pharmacy   (2013)


Lifey's Revenge (ft. Tena Jones)

The Realest