Central Coast, NSW, Australia

TheyCalMe.Solo started his career at 11 under the name Sonic Solo...

Solo has performed in support shows for Lecrae, Nubian Gents, Brethren, Oakbridge, the Potbelleez, Bliss n Esso, Mind Over Matter, Purified, E.E.S., Charlotte Jane Trio and has been performing with the Father of 6 and the Fonke Knomaads for the last 5 years.  He has performed in Compton USA at the L.A. Hip Hop Church in May 2009, at Acer Arena to a crowd of 10,000 supporting the Nicky Cruz crusade, Easterfest 2007 & 2008 and Blackstump 2007-09.  He has also been a staple of the Krosswerdz Collective since he was 11.

Sonic first appeared on the Fonke Knomaads posse track "How Did We Get Here?" off the album Cleopatra's Bath Milk in 2008.

Solo loves God, rhyming, skateboarding, surf boarding and is a fan of home schooling due to 24/7 fridge accessibility and he has been doing that since birth.  He has been playing Djembe drums and acoustic drumkit for some years and is also learning guitar.  He has now graduated university, and is married.

Tracks We've Played


It starts with us (ft. Joe Coffee)