Canberra, ACT, Australia

Born in 1986 and raised in a Samoan Christian home, Naomi J. Tia aka Nayomih, discovered her voice at the age of five singing for the first time at her local church in Auckland, New Zealand.

In 1998, Naomi and her family moved to Canberra,Australia. At 12, she had learnt to play the piano and guitar to aid her in writing her first gospel song. Many followed shortly after. Naomi was involved in several hip hop dance groups, grew up around polynesian dancing and embraced her love for choregraphing at the age of 15. In 2001, Naomi had joined an A Capella gospel group called "Fresh Deciples" They performed at various local events including annual event "The National Gospel Happening" with Jimmy Little. Shortly after, the group dismembered, but Naomi was determined to embrace her calling.

In 2006, Naomi moved to sydney to seek different avenues to pursue her love and hunger for music. A trip to New Zealand had changed the course of her fate. In Auckland New Zealand, Naomi recorded her self funded EP with one of Auckland's Rarest yet finest classically trained producers, Anonymouz. Her EP fatefully landed in the hands of one of Australia's prestige entertainment managers, Elvira Sheffield. Naomi returned to Sydney, and in 2007 she had her single "Dae Mint" mixed and mastered at 301 studios.

In the midst of her work, the unfortunate occurred within her family. Naomi moved back to Canberra with her mother and two brothers to endure in the hardships with them. God had then intervened and had given her hope, a new start and a new dream. Naomi dedicated her life in serving God through her music in 2010.

Australias very own Gospel powerhouse Nayomih aims to bring her love for RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Reggae-ton and Samoan Music into the gospel music scene in Australia. Her songs uplifts the spirit and encourages the heart in an exciting form of Praise.

"I have a new addiction.. his name is Jesus" Nayomih

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Body Talk