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Queensland, Australia

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From a no hoper street kid and drug addict to a married man with a wonderful wife and five great kids, this story is one of the saving grace of God and a message that there is hope for anyone, no matter what situation.  Johns past life was one of living on the streets and in abandoned houses and when drugs and money were flowing he would live it up going from state to state city to city.  His life was a mess and a merry go round of pain, drugs, police, crime and acquaintances.

Going from rehab to rehab John tried many times to straighten his life out and make sense of it all but nothing satisfied his need for truth and his deep sense of emptiness.  Thinking that God could never love him he shrugged off the message of the hope of Gods love and redeeming grace many times, he was running from God.

For years he had searched for answers in the lyrics of songs and in his lifestyle of drugs and crime and found none until the day of August 1999 when he finally hit rock bottom in yet another rehab.  John couldn't run from God any longer, he finally realised that God loved him and that He had sent His son Jesus to die on the cross to forgive us of our sins.  John invited Jesus to live in him and to change his life and that day God made a change in him that was permanent.  12 years on and John has not looked back to that old life.

Where once he used Hip Hop to bring himself recognition, he now uses Hip Hop to share his life's story and the message of Gods love and hope to anyone who will listen.  John has been performing over the past 12 years at Schools, Churches, Outreach events and Christian music festivals.  He has a great passion to reach out to broken people and he will talk to anyone, whether it be buying a homeless man on the street a meal and sharing the message of hope with him or a young person who is in the middle of making some tough decisions about life, John is not afraid to speak and say what needs to be heard.

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