Dylan Joel

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

www.dylanjoel.com | www.facebook.com/DylanJoel

Dylan’s combination of samples, live instrumentation, poignant lyrics and effortless adaptation from rap to vocal harmonies has heads turning and people talking.  Taking on the role of singing his own hooks and melodies, Dylan pens his observations with lyrics discussing topics that most others fear to broach.  His selflessness and vulnerability spills over in almost every song, and these traits are the defining element in Dylan being so much more than just a ‘rapper’.

Dylan is known for his unique take on Hip-Hop, standing out from the crowd with his rare approach to topics covered, and the vocal styles he uses to execute his work.  His realistic and upbeat outlook on life is strikingly obvious, following the moral code from one of Hip-Hop’s founding father’s Afrika Bambaata: “Peace, Unity, Love and having fun!”

Tracks We've Played

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