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After working as a stage dancer for the likes of MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, E-Roc turned to the Bible for spiritual inspiration that would eventually spark his career as a motivational speaker and Christian hip hop artist.  The Vahalla, New York, native made his debut with "Listen to the G.O.D." on Word Records in 1991.

(yeah... we don't know what's going on in that photo)

Tracks We've Played

I Got The G.O.D.

Illradiation (ft. Earthsuit, ill harmonics)


Mad Prophets (ft. Sup, Gospel Gangstas, Brainwash Projects, XL, Dynamic Twins, K2S, C.O.G.)

Space Cadets (ft. Phat KATS, Phonetic Composition, Teknowledgee)

Fashion Expo - Round 1: Tru Hip Hop   (2000)

Christian Emcee, What?