Daniel Anthony


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Born Daniel Anthony Parra (1975), this singer/songwriter felt a link to the soulful music his parents played around the house. It wasn’t until after high school that he started creating his own music.  But, after getting saved in 2004, Daniel literally changed his tune from secular R&B by mixing the spirit and words of the Gospel with the sound of Neo Soul and a dash of hip Hop.

He has praised his way through BET's Sunday Best (season 1) and has opened for J. Moss, Wess Morgan and Leandria Johnson.  He has worked with producers such as M. Fasol, Mhax Montes, Steven J Robinson, Frank Walton, Zeal and Michael White, Jr. who have contributed to his overall sound on his official first project, “All God, No Me” (2015).

Tracks We've Played

He's Good (ft. Ryland Junior)