Gold Coast, Qld, Australia |

Chad (also known as SC11 Music) has a fire for Christ, an undying love, and a need to share the love with the world.

For him it began when he was only 13.  He played with FL Studio, expressing himself through the one outlet that was readily available.  He spent years producing instrumentals and honing his craft with the height coming at the age of 15 when he produced his first collaboration beat for Christian rapper D4C.  This song was never released.

Growing up, Chad would listen to the radio often and could name songs he heard on the radio at 5 years old, demonstrating his knowledge of music at a young age.  When he turned 16 there was something missing and in January he gave his life to God, followed by a baptism in April.  After this he began writing songs and he released his first EP "No Dark Places" which featured Whiteout and D4C.

Tracks We've Played

Sound The Alarm (ft. R-Swift)