PRo - PSA Volume 3

15 Aug 2012 | Download

Derek Minor (formerly PRo) delivers his third installment of the PSA series.  Production ranges from soulful blues samples, heavy bass-lines and warm strings to hard hitting 808’s, looming organs, and energetic brass sections. Lyrically, Minor takes the listener on an intense journey through his perspective, struggles, and triumphs.  

PSA Vol. 3 boasts features including: Sho Baraka, Canon, Lecrae and more.

Derek Minor touches on many interesting topics ranging from drugs, the trap, and grindin’, to marriage, family, and the industry.  On the cut “I’m Focused” Minor provides a southern anthem for people out grindin’.  “Sad Condishun” dives into the hardships that people encounter and must overcome in a cold world.  Minor gets introspective on the single “Get Up” as he discusses his struggle with making a tangible impact versus lip service.  Every track comes with a concept that unfolds over a dope instrumental.  A shining example is Minor’s “Riddle Me This” where he gives a first- hand account of how drugs and violence actually affect the hood.  The song uncovers the contradictions between what is portrayed on the radio and the reality of drug dealing and use.  Minor also uses the song to challenge emcees to be authentic and stop portraying a false persona.

01 Higher (Produced by Derek Minor)
02 Turn It Up (produced by Yung Vizzy Adot)
03 Past the Sky (produced by Haze Banga/Sarah J)
04 Feeling Good (ft. Chad Jones, Laura Reed) (produced by Derek Minor)
05 Getting By (ft. Trip Lee) (produced by Derek Minor)
06 Call Me Back 1
07 I'm Focused (produced by Jimmy Natural)
08 Riddle Me This (produced by Derek Minor)
09 In Spite of All (produced by Derek Minor)
10 Where Do We Go From Here (ft. ZG) (produced by Derek Minor)
11 Get Up (produced by Chinky P & Frank Dukes/Sarah J)
12 Call Me Back 2
13 Welcome to the World (ft. Tony Tillman) (produced by Wes Pendleton)
14 Real Recognize Real (ft. Lecrae, Pettidee) (produced KGonthetrack)
15 Say Something (ft. R-Swift, Sho Baraka) (produced by Matt Houston)
16 Love (produced by JMac/Sarah J)
17 Sad Condishun (ft. Dre Murray, JSon, Viktory, Tedashii) (produced by Wes Pendleton)
18 Call Me Back 3
19 [bonus track] Loud Music [Canon ft. Derek Minor] (produced by Deeonthetrack)

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