Flavor Fest 2012 - The Booth

9 Oct 2012 | News

Flavor Fest 2012 was on again in Tampa, Florida, USA.  It ran for 3 days, with headline artists The Ambassador, Jin, Da TRUTH, Phanatik, D-Maub, theBREAX, K-Drama, Json and the Scribbling Idiots.

Around the conference was a few surprise veterans like Sons of Intellect (KJ-52 + Goldinchild) and Peace586.

Australia/Krosswerdz was represented with Oakbridge performing!

The conference theme was "Next is Now" encouraging you to take up action leading, discipling and mentoring the next generation.

The Booth!

Inspired by the theme "Next is Now", new to Flavor Fest 2012 was "The Booth".  They took two well known established artists and put them with some talented independent up and coming artists.  They recorded the songs during the Flavor Fest weekend (so everyone could watch) and put them up on iTunes.

Round 1:  Jin, D-Maub, ...

Round 2:  The Ambassador (of Cross Movement), Ruslan (of theBREAX), ...

Flavor Fest 2012 Recap

Check out what else happened there through the Twitter #Flavorfest2012 hashtag.