Tracks We've Played

Refuse (ft. Jonnie 3:16, Izzy n The Profit)

That Sense

Truth Be Told

It Is What It Is   (2009)


Believe Us Yet? (ft. Broadkast)

Forget That (ft. Deejay Mathmatics)

I Wanna

It Is What It Is

The Greatest MC Ever (ft. Hoodstakidd)

Way Back When (ft. Brethren)

What It Needs

Uprock Compilation 2011   (2011)

His Passion for Mine

Raw Like 3B   (2012)


Raw Like (ft. Phenomena)

Sort It Out (ft. Krosswerdz Familia)

Uprock Compilation 2013   (2013)

Who Is He?

Ever Present   (2014)

Jericho (ft. Rezadent)

Look Like (ft. Jabs)

Train Of Thought (ft. Tanya Pillay)

Truth Be Told Pt.2

KWRemixed: Sounds Like Dsipl   (2014)

Raw Like Remix (ft. Sounds Like Dsipl & Deejay Mathmatics)

Uprock Compilation 2014   (2014)

So They Say

Uprock Compilation 2015   (2015)


Uprock Compilation 2018   (2018)

Heads Up

Uprock Compilation 2019   (2019)

The World (ft. Jabs)