JustMe of the Scribbling Idiots

2 Jun 2013 | Interview

JustMe lives in the USA, and is a founding member of the Scribbling Idiots.  The crew features members from America to Europe.

He is also part of the Doppelgangers, a new group of possibly physically cloned emcees with two Australians and an English man.

In this interview recorded at Uprock 2012, JustMe shares his hip-hop journey to now.  Talks about his album "Full Disclosure" and his approach to making music as a Christian.  We get the scoop on the colour of his toothbrush, and his funniest moment on stage.  JustMe also shares his defining moment in life.

Tracks:  Meta Force, Earenfektion, Fine Line, No Lie, Ceremonial Master, A Willing Vessel