Eshon Burgundy - The Fear of God

3 Mar 2015 | Download

The new much anticipated album from Eshon Burgundy.  Freely given on the Humble Beast label.  Here's what they say about the album:

With an album title like “The Fear of God” and an opening line that says “One time for the realest who shows us love even though he could kill us.”, Humble Beast artist, Eshon Burgundy, makes it evident that he has no intentions of pulling punches on his newest project.

Consisting of thirteen tracks which alternate from the gritty to the soulful, Eshon challenges us to see through fallacies being peddled by modern culture.  Tracks like “Respect, Power, and Money” and “Certified Gold” remind us that the pursuit of earthly goods is intrinsically futile.  True worth can only be found in the person of Jesus Christ, and Eshon powerfully presents this truth on tracks like “Blood Money” and “A Close Distance”.

“The Fear of God” is an album that will call you to appraise biblical hierarchy and reexamine where you place yourself amongst the ranks.  The hope is that you will be knocked from your pedestal and find yourself on your knees, humbling yourself before the King that wears the true crown.  Simply put, this album will put you in your place...and that’s a good thing. 

Free Download of "The Fear of God" by Eshon Burgundy.