Nameless - Letter to the Gutter

9 Feb 2017 | Download

Nameless from Brisbane has released another free album.  Here's the blurb:

Real, raw and honest is more than an adequate description of any work produced by Nameless Creations.  Life After Death, his debut project gave us a great taste and introduction to the mind, life and musicality of this artist.  It is no surprise then that his latest piece of work follows suit. 

Imagine writing an open message to the industry and in particular certain artists in the scene.  Yes, it has been done before.  Yes, it is a popular subject.  If you had your chance to address these issues what would you say? 

LETTER TO THE GUTTER is the result of witnessing the thousands of young people and families damaged by certain types of music.  They say see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  For Nameless the result of seeing evil and hearing evil has led a to heart burning desire to address and speak of it through the means of his LETTER TO THE GUTTER.