Dove Awards 2019

16 Oct 2019 | News

As per tradition, time to look across the ocean for our regular news piece on the GMA Dove Awards.

Each year you get the usual suspects being nominated and winning awards.  (Anyone want to guess how many nominations tobyMac got this year?)  But this year's Doves was a little different, in that a rapper (not tobyMac) got the "New Artist of the Year" award.  NF was nominated for that award in 2015, but didn't win it, due to well, who knows really.  This year though, the "New Artist of the Year" was awarded to another singing rapper, Aaron Cole.  So big congratulations to Aaron Cole, a diverse artist that fits on both pop and hip-hop radio.

"Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year" went to a nice pop tune "Fight For Me" by GAWVI featuring Lecrae.  The other nominees were:

  • "None of my Business" by Andy Mineo
  • "Get Back Right" by Lecrae & Zaytoven
  • "Everytime" by Social Club Misfits
  • "Even Louder" by Stephen Malcolm ft. Natalie Grant

"Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Album of the Year" went to "Let the Trap say Amen" by Lecrae & Zaytoven.  The other nominees were:

  • "II: The Sword" by Andy Mineo
  • "Panorama" by GAWVI
  • "The Second City" by Stephen Malcolm
  • "Never Fold" by Tedashii

Some great picks...  But I'm sure there's someone looking at that list thinking "where's ____?" or "why did ___ rise above the other nominations?"  Thing is, you really you have to look at the Dove Awards rap selections through the lense of someone who loves CCM pop music; not so much as a hip hop head or possibly even someone who listens to mainstream pop.  Hence why some real nice albums/songs haven't even reached nomination.  But still it's interesting to read what has actually reached out and touched the Dove Awards judges.

Oh and for those wondering... "Artist of the Year" was won by Lauren Daigle, and song of the year was "You Say" by Lauren Daigle.  Congratulations out to Lauren, who is a bit of a fan of Lecrae and NF.  (We're awaiting keenly for those colaborations)