Andy Mineo

New York, USA |

“It is absolutely undeniable that hip hop is becoming the universal language,” Mineo says expressing an unbridled enthusiasm for his artistic vehicle.  “It’s so influential because you are able to say so much in a short period of time.  The essence of hip hop is the boldness of it so you’re able to be exactly who you are.  You are able to say exactly what you want. You represent exactly what is deepest and dearest to you and people respond to that. They respond to that realness.”

To underscore that message, Mineo was willing to strip back the layers of his own life and be honest with his audience.  “I get really transparent on these songs,” he confesses.  “I want to let people see into my brokenness in hopes that other people would identify with that and ultimately know that they don’t have to be great.  Their God is.  Also I just wanted to have fun.  I wanted to show off my love for hip hop.  I wanted to try some things.  You’ll see a bunch of my big personality come out.  I let people see who I am.”

Tracks We've Played

Cocky (Wanted Remix) (DJ Aktual)

Fools Gold (ft. Sho Baraka & Swoope)

Lay Up (ft. Wordsplayed)

Let Me Know (ft. Marc E. Bassy)

Love (DJ Official Remix)

Uptown (DJ Official Remix)

Heroes for Sale   (2013)



Death Has Died

Ex Nihilo

The Saints (Dj Stibs remix)

The Saints (ft. KB, Trip Lee)

Uno Uno Seis (ft. Lecrae)

You Will

Rapzilla Presents … Stop the Traffic   (2013)

Stop the Traffic (ft. Co Campbell)

Never Land   (2014)

Paisanos Wylin

You Can't Stop Me

Uncomfortable   (2015)


Hear My Heart

Know That's Right

Now I Know

Rat Race



I: The Arrow   (2018)


I Ain't Done

II: The Sword   (2018)

Donuts (ft. Phonte, Christon Gray)

None of my Business

The Gift: A Christmas Compilation   (2018)

Nothin' But You (ft. Hulvey, Montell Fish & Becca VanDerbeck)

Work in Progress   (2019)

1988 REMAKE 2_Nottz_42North.wav

Anything But Country (break beat_no trap version).mp3

Keepin it movin am & guv demo.mp3

Happy Thoughts   (2020)

Jackson Pollock

Willy (ft. nobigdyl.)

Never Land II   (2021)


Am I...

Been About It (ft. Lecrae)

Coming in Hot (ft. Lecrae)

Cross My Heart (ft. Ink)

It Could Be Worse

New Father

Nobody's Coming

Not Gon' Do' (ft. Joseph Solomon)


Remind Me (ft. JVKE)


Working On It (ft. Chandler Moore)

You Know the Drill (ft. Wordsplayed)