Boombaptism Vol. 1

15 Jan 2020 | News

Blended Boom Bap Bangers By Believers.  Oaks on the mix.  The first in an ongoing series.


"R.C.M.G." by R-Swift ft. Fro W.U.N.D.A.S., Relz & Big Fil

"Who Are They Anyway" by Move Merchants ft. Jurny Big & Le

"I Wouldn't Do It" by Braille ft. Sivion, Theory Hazit, Big Rec & Surreal

"At It Again" by Sundance, Nomis & Jeremiah Bonds

"Dig" by Propaganda & Odd Thomas

"Changed Hearts" (prod. DJ Efechto) by Braille

"A Wink & A Nod" by Relic

"Nostalgious" by Christon Gray ft. Taelor Gray & B. Reith

"The Basics" by Jupiter 7

"Rules Of The Game Pt. 2" by 4th Avenue Jones'

"Heaven Knows" by Griffin

"All Things Considered" by Sojourn

"Not Worth It" by Sivion

"Felony Offenders" by Cas Metah ft. Playdough, Copywrite & Deacon The Villain

"Another" by Mars ILL

"Sun Light" by Griffin ft. Sev Staik & Mouf Warren

"Humility" by Braille

"Will I?" by ILL Harmonics

"What I Love" by Blake Knight ft. KJ-52

"Good" by Ozay Moore