Rel McCoy

Canada |

Take the following ingredients.

1.Emcee  2. D.J.  3. Producer  4. Engineer  5. Singer

Combine these five into a single creative mind, and you have an artist that, well… does a lot of stuff.  Now add a can of "Do it real real good" and you’re getting close.  Add to this, husband, father, and entrepreneur and you have an idea of what makes up the artist known as Relic.  You have to admit, the whole thing sort of makes the term “Triple Threat” feel like it showed up in jean shorts for a black tie affair.

Tracks We've Played

Call Me Crazy

Good Enough

NYC to Third World (w/ Subatomic Sound System, Caballo)

On Anotha (Newselph Remix)


The Journey

There Is No Try

Work of Heart (Muneshine remix)

The Green Light   (2009)

Let Em Know (ft. Soul & Kam Moye)

Out There


Time Machine (Fresh Kils Remix)

Not For Nothing   (2011)

Not For Nothing

Pins and Needles

Plan A

Miles To Go   (2012)

Down & Dirty (ft. Shad & Ghettosocks)

Family Man (ft. RationaL, Freswco P, Sean Prominent & New Breed MC)

The Extra Mile (ft. Brotha Soul)

The Goodness

The Valley (ft. Mr. J. Medeiros)

Work of Heart

Golden   (2013)

A Wink & A Nod

Follow Me

Loud Enuff (ft. Moka Only)

The 13th Floor   (2015)

Breathe Easy

The 13th

Gas Money   (2016)

Ain't Yours

Gas Money

Not Alone

Super Crush

A Different Crown   (2019)

Call of the Times

Feels Like Limbo

Getting By (ft. Moka Only)

Hallelujah (ft. DIE-REK)

Part Of The Plan (ft. RationaL)

Peace (ft. Eternia)

The Moment (ft. Grimace Love)

Trust Issues (ft. Theology 3 & DJ Versatile)

No More Soda (beats by Peace 586)   (2020)

Love Jones

Move the Decimal

No More Soda (ft. DJ Kair One)

Smoke & Mirrors